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  1. djeims

    That font is awesome. What is that font?

    Cocky assertions and overwhelming evidence against the contrary aside, the cookiebot might still be alive…

  2. Midoriko

    Ahh this comic is so great

    I love the sound effects especially. ZERT is very matter-of-fact, not bothering with any superfluous exclamation marks or other frippery. Simple, elegant, and to the point. A masterpiece.

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Apparently the Robots’ “ZERT!” energy is considerably more powerful and dangerous than the Cookies’ “ZERT”.

    Also, I recall several comics ago when EFRAL first formed wishing for them to shoot a giant laser beam from their collective eyes. I still wish it had read “Hadoken!” – however, this is still intrinsically sweet.

  4. Shadows

    OMG WTF!? Was this the t-79 heavy blanzer you were talking about on the last comic?

  5. socksbot

    Blastin’ mah lazah

  6. Jackson


  7. Physicsmaster


  8. King ginger rules

    I now use mah lazor beams on you bwaah!

  9. Lantash

    yay, Lemo gets them to work
    So they will respond to commands?
    Just need to work out the sytax,
    blast ?
    Attack head?
    Run away?
    Or more likly something completly unpredictable.

  10. NoriMori


  11. Lemmo

    For those not initiated, the ‘zert’ has been a running gag in my comics for now over a decade.


  12. BigBadRichard

    That cookie castle is tough. though i sill wish to see a cookie person eaten. Or baked. Were do cookie babys come from

  13. Scout in the Night

    Heh, I was about to go find the LD link.

  14. Cedarfern

    They really have to be wary of the words they wield around these artificial wannabe copies.

  15. lankhmar

    I honestly wasn’t expecting that. Which makes it all the more awesome.

    Gotta wonder though….why didn’t the robots just do that at the start?

  16. marca311

    Dr Octagonapus! Bwah!
    The key word In this comic is blast.
    Thank you for using the obvious statement generator.
    Have a nice day (or not)

  17. Ray

    Awesome: A LAZOR, BWARRRGHH!!

    Everything’s ALWAYS cooler with lasers. :D

  18. Clockwork

    Okay they should start saying blast alot XD.

  19. runedeadthA

    Looks like those cookies…
    *Puts on Sunglasses*
    Got Baked

  20. Flo

    this sounds stupid, but I wonder if the cookie robot will bake into a cookie…

  21. MarshmallowRadiation

    Lol “it’s been a blast”

    Ugh, I hate puns. (but love this comic)

  22. Bluesox


  23. boring7

    Fusion ha?

  24. Physicsmaster

    @boring7: Yes Fusion-Ha.

  25. Bellstrom


  26. DefierOfPhysics

    Amazing. Just amazing.

    The sound effect makes the robot’s attack seem so nonchalant, but the destruction is devastating. Woah, man. Woah.

    @boring7 and Physicsmaster: DBZ reference?

  27. Lilsteveybuns

    At first glance it seemed as if the cookie palace had blasted them, but then I realized that he had said ” this has been a -Blast- “, which made notice they they had blasted the cookie palace.

    *Also a nice comic*. =)

  28. Physicsmaster

    @DefierOfPhysics: Yep

  29. Jacob

    This is more awesome than I expected. But the fact that I expected any less than awesome is stupid.

  30. Dran

    Is there a “choose what comic you want” button? because its kinda annoying to go all the way back by pressing “last comic” button

  31. Handgunman

    In the last panel, it actually looks like the cookie palace is shooting a lazerbeam from it’s stomach area

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