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  1. Brett


  2. macksting

    Perhaps they’ll regret losing the robot.
    Maybe because now they can’t fly. Or maybe because there’ll be a thought he should have voiced and didn’t.
    Or both. Ugh.

  3. Heh

    What’s with the turtle? In the past it was fox with them. o.o;

  4. Kayos

    Fire. Everywhere.
    ……… <3

  5. Ryan

    Wow, new- (old- ?) -Aric-and-Lemmo sure have worse looking clothes than our-Aric-and-Lemmo.

  6. NoriMori

    @Heh, They’re different people. We haven’t gone back in time. The “other” Aric and Lemmo are also wearing different clothes.

    LOL the turtle can run.


  7. Nexall

    ha i love how marina is the only one who is still even aware of the burning heads lol.

  8. MarshmallowRadiation

    Snake, what are you doing? You’ve created a time paradox! Can you hear me?! Snake?! SNAKE?!! SNAAAAAAAAKEEEEE!!!!!!!

    Gah, wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey. And now both Arics have their hair on fire.

  9. CeilDeAlta

    First: How do you know she is aware of the fiery heads?

    Second: New Lemmo looks happy about this development.


  10. Ziggy Stardust

    Turtle is SO CUTE.
    And I love how Aric 2 is missing his shoes.

  11. Ziggy Stardust

    Isn’t it kinda obvious these guys aren’t from the past? They have different clothes and a turtle.
    I’m gonna guess the Lemmos switched hats though. XD

  12. Bluudwurth

    2nd panel: “I must go, my people need me!”

  13. Bluudwurth

    Also, BWAAAAHAHAHAHAHAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Jill

    I hope Aric makes out with Aric later.

  15. Anje

    Funny how Marina’s counterpart is a turtle….

  16. JethroRayne

    Well, I guess Robo-hair can burn… Or was it bug hair? I can’t remember anymore… >.>

  17. ThisIsNotDan

    Running turtle ftw!

  18. PyroForge

    @Anje: the turtle is the fox’s counterpart.

  19. MarshmallowRadiation

    Until they are given official names, I will refer to these characters as Eric, Lenny, and Shoes.

  20. PolleN112

    @JethroRayne, I would imagine Aric’s real hair regenerated when they got lost in between reality then squished up into the old canvas after they smacked cookie castle mecha. ( it’s so awesome that those are things that happened.)

  21. Anje

    @PyroForge: I was actually referring to the final image, where each encounters his/her double, not to the broader situation.

  22. Riverfox237

    Just when I think this comic could not possibly get ANY STRANGER…you guys raise the bar three more notches.
    And this, of course, is why I love you all so much. XD Can’t WAIT to see what the crap THIS is about.
    Hm. It seems alternate-Lemmo-and-Aric not only have different shirts and hat, but a different random sock animal, as well. Or perhaps this one came from alternate-Aric’s shoes, since he’s obviously not wearing any right now. Another piece of evidence for the turtle being Shoes: he’s running every time we see him. So CLEARLY, he was made from an implement commonly used in running! It’s clear logic.

    And now the REAL question is: when shoe/sock-turtle inevitably gets split in half, will the two halves be dumber, like Socks 1 & 2, or, in the forces of alternativity, twice as smart as the turtle was to begin with?

    These are important questions, people! Except when they’re not.

  23. Chaos G'rothnir

    The lemmo’s are the only people who don’t seem to be leaning in any direction.

  24. random man

    All you have to do is scream. that seems to make everything better. did anyone actually figure out the purpose of screaming other than to hurt other people’s ears?

  25. Yumie


  26. Glew

    Am I the only one slightly puzzled about the pseudo-robothand???

  27. ShinRaiten

    @ Glew
    Confusion is a more or less perpetual state one enters when reading this comic. It’s part of what makes it awesome.

  28. Bluudwurth

    ALL HAIL THE SHOE TURTLE!!!! BOW BEFORE HIS TURTLEY OMNISCIENCE!!!! (that’s right, I said turtley, deal with it)

  29. NoriMori


    “How do you know she is aware of the fiery heads?”

    …Because she is staring at them and screaming?


    “@PyroForge: I was actually referring to the final image, where each encounters his/her double, not to the broader situation.”

    So was he. He’s saying that the turtle isn’t Marina’s double. Marina doesn’t have a double, and the turtle’s double isn’t present.

    But I do get what you’re saying, and I think it’s funny, too.

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