Getting My Stuff Back


  1. Chlimaxe

    OMG!!! ITS STILL THERE, i guess thats to be expected though. I am so glad the bug sword returned.

  2. lemmo

    Nobody called it. I was kinda surprised.

  3. runedeadthA

    Jaysus this is starting to look like a doubly-awesome Bleach Manga :D

  4. Jethro Rayne

    Dangit, so should have seen that coming. :P But I didn’t and kudos on the nice surprise. :D Awesome scene…

  5. Ray

    Nice work, guys! Kick that robot’s ass!! Or rip it apart; I don’t really care which!!

    And kudos to you, artist, Lemmo, for getting the comic out so early in the morning! :D

  6. Pikeman336

    this is the only thing that keeps me sane on Mondays, this and coffee, lots and lots and lots of coffee

  7. socksbot

    :0 Aric said a baad word im telling!

  8. socksbot

    Wait where did a sword big enough for theC.F.R.A.L combined fighting robot of aric and lemmo come from

  9. Physicsmaster

    The Bug sword is back YAY!

  10. Megan

    @ Socksbot – It’s the leg of a bug and it glows if you insult it =P It started growing a while back in the cookie kingdom bit. You should go see :D So, in this comic–it came from the inside of the cookie kingdom robot dude.

  11. Jonathon David

    oh, i see, he just wanted his sword back… and to think i thought they might try eating another living creature…. mmmmm choclate chip people… *drool*

  12. Eric

    @socksbot: Here is where it grew: It glows: Aric makes it:

  13. Midoriko

    Bugsword! Yes! I absolutely did not see that coming. Well done guys for springing that on us!

    Also I love the sound effect. I wonder if this battle isn’t actually making any noise and it’s all just the canvas flashing words behind them as they fight.

  14. RGSwan

    Whoa, thanks for linking that Eric, I totally forgot about the previous instance of ZERT.

    Also, the glowing Aric eye is awesome (yes, I know it’s from the robots behind him, but I’d still like to believe otherwise). Incidentally, has Lemmo been upside down since the cartwheel? He must be getting one monster head rush right about now.

  15. Spencey

    Love the tiny panel 1. Cool technique.

  16. BigBadRichard

    Booyah bug machete is back! Almost as cool as fwoosh

  17. Raron

    First Limit Buster of the adventure.

  18. me.vicky

    Aric said a bad word….ooo…

  19. Music-chan

    Guess it just shows that you can still surprise us. :D

  20. Chados

    Love the return of the Bugsword.

  21. Physicsmaster

    Note to self: Never steal Aric’s bugsword.

  22. Flo

    I knew I was right when Aric become one of my favorite characters. and look at that, he just totally pulled a can of whoop-a** out of thin air.

  23. Sillytwist

    Nice surprise, I didn’t expect that at all.

  24. Defier of Physics

    Yes! The bug-machete has returned! This comic is phenomenal!

  25. Shadows

    It looks like there is a mirror between the cartwheel robots, since the top one is mimicking the one on the bottom.

  26. boring7


  27. Clockwork

    Fatal slash!

  28. Wolfox

    I daresay, I did NOT expect that!

    …I sense a wee bit of aggression from Aric

  29. NoriMori

    OH, I get it now! Someone explained about the grown sword that stayed in the cookie kingdom, and I’m like, “OHHH…”

  30. Renee

    Oooh…Aric said a bad word! 0_o

    No, I’m not that sensitive. I’m just watching really silly movie, and feeling like an immature version of myself. ^_^

  31. Mackie Stingray

    Oh, he did, didn’t he.
    I mean, unless he’s simply casting doubt upon the royal line. Perfectly reasonable then.

  32. BlueSox

    UH OH!!!

  33. socksbot

    Oh and what do you think for the amalgamation now I chose CFRAL for combined since they aren’t really one entity or the UCFRAL uncoalesced fighting robot of Aric and lemmo

  34. Ninja

    BlankIt just got that much more epic.

  35. Evan

    I see what he did. He said a bad word(insult), which made the sword full of electricity.

  36. digiace229

    form blazing sword!

  37. Star1412

    My mind is offically blown. I completly missed the bug sword in this one the first time I read it.

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