Gone Affray


  1. Mad Squirrel

    What will happen next?? What zany adventure are they on now? Will they be rescued by mysterious forces??? I can’t wait for the next update.

  2. Ryan

    I don’t think much of those wasps’ chances…

  3. The Ging

    Noooo!!!! I’ve grown to love that sign!

  4. Parrot

    Carpenter Bees?


    UP, Up, and a-waaaaaaaaaaiiiiiiiiiiitttt!!!!

  6. Glo

    Aww… Danger Sign. :(

    What will become of our heroes?!?!? Stay tuned!

  7. Gabriel

    Either Lemmo will go all out on these bees for the lose of the sign or a new one will be born from his arm.

  8. M

    In the last comics, Lemmo’s wooden arm is his left.
    In this comic, it appears to be his right arm (see last panel).
    I still love these comics, it’s just a habit. Soz.

  9. lemmo


    It’s still his left; he’s facing us. Didju guys know I’m left handed?

  10. cheetaboy7

    @Mad Squirrel
    That was my exact same reaction. I audibly went “Noooo!” when I saw it!

  11. cheetaboy7

    Poor sign…

  12. theBean

    Of course I knew that Lemmo :-p
    Clearly what’s going to happen is the skys are going to open up and swallow them whole. Then they will pop up through a hole in the ground. Then obviously Aric will take a weed wacker to Lemmo’s left arm and then they’ll replace it with a chain saw, duh. &-)

  13. boring7

    The sign dies, the wasps eat, the circle of life continues.

    Unfortunately, Lemmo may now be a part of that circle, what with his infested arm.

  14. Dran

    Im left handed too!!

  15. Minando

    There goes Lemmos pet…killed in action, so to speak.

  16. Biligum

    Is it just me, or is Lemmo’s mouth missing?

  17. Fire arms

    Awww poor sign…. Well I’m over it! Anyone wonder if Eric will start gaining powers like lemmo or is he just their to be Eric?

  18. Defier of Physics

    Oh noes! Not the sign!

    Clearly they will land back in that box, and the voice will say “Toldya so.” Clearly. It could not possible end any other way. Also, shreddage! That is all.

  19. Renee

    NOOOO!!!! Poor pet sign!

  20. PolleN112

    Nooooo!!! Daaannnggeerr!!!!

  21. Miesa

    this comic is just as random as i need it to be

  22. AllCaps

    i love their half faces:)

  23. AllCaps

    And are they gonna eat Lemmos arm next?!?!?!?!?

  24. TheOdds

    ….I doubt this will split into smaller signs with less intelligence. Poor Sox fox. What’s with the artist’s fascination of killing the pets! Although I guess technically Sox fox never was a pet per se…

  25. ThisIsNotDan

    I still feel bad for all those misunderstood signs. This guy looks like he’s crying in the last panel :-(

  26. Glo

    I think he looks kind of indifferent, even when being attacked by the (lovingly named) buzzkills. Just… “Meh, I’m a sign. Whatevs.” Although, that might be an expression of complete terror and agonizing pain in their culture. We will probably never know.

    I hope the storm takes them someplace that has muffins.

  27. Thebrum

    or maybe the bees get wood splinters?
    Then they’d have to be Lemmos army of wooden minions.

  28. Flo

    oh God! I thought those were just lightning generating bugs! but they have axes! (and scythes).

  29. MultiversalInk

    Awww, I was starting to like the sign…

    @Glo: If it does, it will probably be muffin people. Possible relatives/enemies of the cookie people?

  30. Ray

    Well, it looks like they’re gonna go somewhere else again. There just isn’t very much peace for these guys, is there?

  31. Glo

    @Multiversallnk: Probably. I hope they’d be nicer than the cookie people. Muffins just seem jovial.

  32. Defier of Physics

    Now I’m picturing a poppy-seed muffin sitting in a muffin-hut and acting high. I still want to know who was talking in the box, though.

  33. Dran

    I wonder, will lemmo lose his wooden arm since he lost connection with his sign? And if so, would they find ARM JUICE to replace it?

  34. MarshmallowRadiation

    Is it just me, or is the next comic taking a really long time?

  35. Lemmo

    I think it’s just you, since there’s a later comic since before you posted that.

  36. Kid of Death

    @Lemmo: You’re left handed? I am too. It’s a pain for me whenever I write with pencil or gel pens. I spent a lot of time washing my hands to get rid of the marks. Not to mention that paper had quite a lot of smear marks on it. x.x

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