Good Ol’ Whats-His-Name


  1. MarshmallowRadiation

    0_o Now I understand why Lemmo got splorched. I’m guessing something timey-wimey happened with Pericles and he’s spent the past few decades (for him) plotting his revenge or something…? Or maybe because of his name he ages really quickly? I just remembered why I love this comic so much…

  2. Rozax

    @MarshmallowRadiation: I’d be nice about the age thing. They hadn’t decided how old they wanted Pericles to be.

  3. NoriMori

    Jellyfish trampolines, splortched Lemmo, and the return of Pericles?

    I find this update…DELICIOUS.

  4. vengerofthelight


  5. Riverfox237

    That is one impressive Moses-esque beard Pericles has now.

    I feel like we have truly and officially returned to the full awesomeness that is Blank It with this page. :D First the octopus trampoline, and now Pericles pulling an Awesome Pose with little octopus things clinging to him like he’s their supreme overlord. Which is probably is. OMW SO EXCITED! Also, I do hope that splortched Lemmo gets unsplortched. He’d been around since comic 1, after all, and I would miss him terribly.

  6. PolleN112

    VanMugget!! With an awesome scruffy villan beard no less. I think splortched Lemmo is a metaphor for real Lemmo being splortched and split between the canvas and reality.

  7. ShinRaiten

    Glad someone else remembered this guy’s name, I’d LONG forgotten XD

  8. Shaelyn

    it kinda looks like those purple things are trying to do something to old Lemmo…I hope they un-splorch him!

    btw, last panel = epic on so many levels.

  9. Ozimul

    Pericles Van Mudget?! BUT HOW?

  10. Chados

    Pericles?! Actually, yes. Yes I did.

  11. TaraSwanwing

    Dun dun DUNNNNNN!!!

  12. Bluudwurth

    Pericles Van Mudget, I request the highest of fives!

  13. Sir Matt

    I may have hit the end of the usefulness of comparing this time-loop-ish cycle to the last one – especially with the sudden return of my favorite villain off schedule – but I couldn’t help but notice that this time we have a sea-ish of purple blobs and a rude human while last time we had a sea of purple “probably isn’t water” and a rude bug.

    Also, last time Aric and Lemmo got split up around this point, which kind of just happened here. Though it might be more accurate to say that just Lemmo got split up. Either way, they found their way back together last time so I expect that they will again (please don’t start on the futility of that logic).

  14. Golemnardah

    The only logic i can muster this early in the morning is two images, one of a dancing panda and the other of a poor man who hit the ground a LITTLE too hard. I do hope old lemmo “becomes one” again, they should have splortched new lemmo, i don’t like his outfit.

  15. The Nitpick

    Don’t forget, Lemmo (main) and Aric (main) were liquefied at the beginning of that plant area (in the wooden box). Maybe it just hasn’t worn off yet and the force of the fall re-liquided him.

  16. Sir Matt

    Good point, Nitpick, I’d forgotten that box. We never found out who the voice was in there, but it could have been Pericles (the personalities seem to line up I think). That would be cool, if that link got connected here.

  17. Bluudwurth

    I’ve heard less outlandish conspiricy theories on Fox “News” than the ones for this comic.

  18. Niyera

    I gotta say, I adore this comic. My friend showed me one of them a few weeks ago, and I’ve been reading it in my spare time ever since. You guys got an amazing thing here!

    And pleeeease let old Lemmo be okay!!

  19. Fnord

    Bluudwurth: You poor, poor, indoctrinated soul, you…

  20. Owleyes

    I completely forget who Pericles is.

  21. Kudzuisedible

    Let’s play nice.

    @Bluudwurth Though I probably share many of your views, I wouldn’t bring them to a place where they function like lightning rods for the sheeple. Staying apolitical reduces knee-jerk attacks from thoughtless airheads.

    @Fnord Let us contemplate how self-demeaning it is for one clueless inhabitant of an ideological bubble world to express pity for another, just because the flavor is different.

    If people who worried about their neighbors’ poor sources for information were more aware of their own failings, progress could be made. Or as wisdom has it, before you seek to remove the splinter in my eye, please remove the stick up your own a__. Peace, everbuddy.

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