1. macksting

    Intelligent hair.
    Oh dear.

  2. blue_jester

    Oh no, it’s Venom! He’s going to wake up all Emo next and have a huge mouth of teeth and say things like “WE”

  3. Jackson


  4. Ray

    Great. Let’s hope Aric’s new hair doesn’t betray him.

  5. Kristina

    That one had me rolling! xD That’s awesome! I wish my hair could do that.

  6. boring7

    I like the hair, it looks good, which is a benevolent act for poor baldy McBarlderson. I sincerely hope it stays benevolent.

  7. capnprophetic

    Judging by the swishaswish-tastic-ness of Aric’s new hair. He should totally get hair-tastic martial artistry which somehow unleashes a magickal robo-hair/bug-machete extravaganza of awesomeness! And more hyphens, too… A hyphen-monster would be great…

  8. macksting

    I think I fought one of those in ZAngband.

  9. Megan

    ;D Sorry, but that kinda reminded me of Zintiel from Flaky Pastry.

  10. Ralis

    Frame 2, Lemmo-face = Win

  11. Evan

    You could add more whenever you wanted longer hair!

  12. NoriMori

    Swishaswish! Shwikasnap!

    You don’t ever have to have seen real robot hair do that to know that that’s EXACTLY how it would sound. XD

  13. Blankitharter

    best look in panel 2 lemmo

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