Grand Entrance


  1. lemmo

    So, the comic still isn’t done, so you get the black and white version until I have time to color it this weekend. Regularly scheduled program for Monday (I hope). Kids, don’t get pneumonia, it’s a stinker.

  2. Dana

    Awwww… Sorry you/anyone in your family is under the weather, Lemmo! I absolutely love the first panel, and am STILL laughing at it. Misty looks wonderful, but I can’t wait to see her all filled in and solid! =)

  3. jaz

    I’ll be patient. sorta. xD I’ll TRY to be patient, hows that?


  4. macksting

    Indeed. Even in black and white, it’s a pleasure to see Misty again. She’s fun.

  5. wonderboy

    i dunno if that’s her or not, but i wish thee well, lemmo


    My wishes for a speedy recovery for you!

  7. cheetaboy

    The only anoying thing is that until you color it, we cant tell if Misty is still solid. Im guessing yes.

  8. Chaos Theory

    @wonderboy: It probably is her. She’s distinct enough in appearance that it would be hard to draw someone like her by accident.

  9. Chaos Theory

    @cheetaboy: Why wouldn’t she be? As far as we know, there’s no way to un-solid them, and if there was, don’t you think Pericles would have tried it?

  10. Dasaki

    Get well soon man! : D

  11. Sandy Claws

    For a moment, I thought they were supposed to be black-and-white, like all the colors have faded as they descend. I dunno why.

    -Get better soon!-

  12. MarshmallowRadiation

    They’re probably all in color because they’re in a really urgent situation. But that probably is Misty.

  13. Raiten

    Yar, I agree with Marshmallow she looks very much like Misty to me. We shall see when the color is added. Work Lemmo! You exist for our amusement, and your masters demand full color comics. Y’know, as soon as you’re feeling better.

  14. hi

    all of the shovel beam people seam pretty solid right now…..and i can see why.

  15. rocklight

    heh. they lose their colour and look the same now… Misty’s like… “wait. I’m all mist-like again? EPIC!” (what with all her misfortune, I bet she regretted being solidified) *Lemmo colours it in* “GODDAMN IT LEMMO!”
    (I’ll get you next time, Gadget! NEXTT TIIIIIIMMMMMEEEE!)

  16. macksting

    I don’t recall seeing color on Unsettlers even in greatest distress, though solidity certainly came with such strong emotions.
    If I’m forgetting a point where an Unsettler got color in his mistiness, please point it out. As much as I hate being wrong, I much more hate being genuinely wrong.

  17. Dana

    pretty sure Misty got colorful when she was yelling at the unsettlers. and Lemmo said something like “ooo pretty”… can’t remember which comic that was, though

  18. Shaelyn

    Dana, yes, but that didn’t make her completely solid. Lemmo named her one strip when he was very, very far away from her, and she was all like “what the heck?”

  19. Dana

    Shaelyn, I know that. I was just saying that in reply to macksting’s comment.

  20. jaz

    I didn’t see this before, but the third shadow guy from the left in the last panel is SO FREAKING AWESOME. look at him. SOAK IN HIS SUPREME AWESOMENESS! (he’s all like “woop!”) heheheheh I think I’m high off of crayons :)


  21. MB

    Chockin’? Not chokin’?

    Chock full o’ notes? Crappy NewsRadio reference?

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