Guest Comic by Mollu


  1. Raiten

    First, and… should I bother asking where, exactly, he found marshmellows?

  2. PolleN112

    Or the fire for that matter. I like the guest art-style BTW.

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    I knew something was different when the page started loading and I noticed a different font. This a was a really great guest strip, and nice addition to the story. I’m pretty curious about those marshmallows, and whether or not they’ll put the fire out before the fire spreads to his body.

  4. Parrot

    More importantly, will they put out the fire before the marshmallows burn?
    Btw, the new art make them look soooo adorable.
    Not that they weren’t before but…

  5. Eruo

    That’s the third time you swiched styles o.o

  6. Teenlink

    My love, my hate, and all of my sorrow! Shining Finger!

  7. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    No offense to anyone, but I, this is just my opinion, I like the other way of art style… Though I still Loled at the comic.

  8. nicktheslayer

    He has E.T. FINGERS

  9. Lemmo

    Since NOBODY here reads the news posts, this is a guest comic. By Mollu. It’s not canon. I’ll have the real strip up later this week.

  10. theBean

    hey, I read the news post…you telling me I’m nobody?!
    I’d say I’d do something about it, but I know you’re a much larger man than I am so I’ll just wave my internet fist *internet fist wave*

  11. NoriMori

    I didn’t read the news post, but I read the title. XD I knew the drawing style was different (love it by the way, Mollu, it’s extremely cute! You should draw shoujo manga!), and I was a bit frightened cuz I thought, “Not agaaaaaaain!!!!” I wouldn’t want the rest of the comic to be in this style, so I was relieved to see that it’s a guest comic. Again, great job, Mollu!

  12. inusushi

    Pssst. If you liked my guest strip, read my comic:


  13. Lemmo

    I use a webcomic RSS feeder (Piperka) and it takes me directly to the page the comic is on. The news posts are not on the page the comic is on, and therefore, I never see the news posts. I wasn’t even particularly aware that there were news posts. I’d guessed it was a guest comic, though.

  14. Music-chan

    It’s okay Lemmo, I read the news post…and your twitter! =p I am well informed!

    And not a stalker. Really. >_>

  15. Ray

    Fire cures all!

  16. Minando

    I KNEW that sooner or later that wooden abomination would be torched.

  17. Dasaki

    what an interesting art styl change. Looks more anime-ish in some ways, but in others it still looks like good ol American animation

  18. AllCaps

    i was all worried cuz it was drawn diffrently but the i relized it was a guest coic

  19. NoriMori

    Yeah, it seems like only about 1 in 5 people are realizing it’s a guest comic. -.-

  20. Defier of Physics

    It’s rather unfortunate that so few people noticed this was a guest comic. People should read the titles more often. By the way, I read Northwind and read Jack of All Trades. Great comics!

  21. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    I read the title! >.<
    I just said I didn't prefer the style…
    So no over-generalizing!! :P

  22. jaz

    ANIME LEMMO AND ARIC!!! AIEEEEE!!! …please excuse my obessive fangirl alter-ego. she’s a bit–AIEEEEE!!!– obessive. -jaz


    I fully appreciate the subtle pun on sure fire. WHY HAS NO ONE ELSE COMMENTED ON THIS??

  24. Rentok

    I was just about to.

  25. Socksbot

    Like the style mollu its really good i love the eyes

  26. ChaosTheoryComics

    Two things:
    One, love the guest comic.
    Two, if his arm is on fire, does that mean that a group of penguins can just come and take it?

  27. Critic

    well i look at the first few comics then to the end it seems like it lost it’s basic plot line and just ended up in some irrelevant twilight zone, but I like where it’s going if it gets back on track, and the art doesn’t look quiet the same and it looks like it’s not as clean as it used to be. sorry i just had to put this out there.

  28. Critic

    oh yes btw, i meant all of the other comics, not just this guest one, the guest one was fine since it was not originally by the creators. But I was using the ones before this as an example.

  29. NoriMori

    It’s not as “clean” because they deliberately changed the style since they started.


    I noticed the “sure-fire” pun, but I figured it didn’t require comment. Sorry. XD

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