1. macksting

    The world needs castle mecha.
    Have we ever seen their eyes glow red before?

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    Hmmm… I hope the robots shoot plasma beams instead. Lemmo can yell ‘Hadoken!!’

  3. Holy friggin' awesome! E Pluribus Unum! Go tinies!!!


  4. Haaaaaaank!

    Y’know, this one seems a little one-track minded… Never a good sign for Lemmo and Aric’s well-being.

  5. zeugenberg.de

    Where are the two anyway?

  6. zeugenberg.de

    The robot one is superior because of its opposable thumbs.
    But why won’t they just escape through the trap doors? Aren’t Lemmo and Aric allowed to use them or are the robots finally done taking c**p from the cookies and take a stand?
    Have the cookies destroyed the village? But then it would have been stomped, not burned…

  7. CyberSkull

    And when they smash together, the will form some sort of macro-mechanical cookie.

    I am soo drooling right now.

  8. Jackson

    Is it so totally on? I think it’s so totally on!

  9. socksbot

    … Computer simulation running possibility of a world growing without limits

  10. noisyparker

    Well, regardless of what course they take next, the robots had to perform this maneuver since, yanno, the awesome factor.

  11. Chard

    I wonder… When the shovel broke the floor, it fell down until it looped back and fell from the sky. Does that mean that anything that gets too tall will come up through the floor? Perhaps that’s why the robot swarm only matched the mecha-palace, and didn’t surpass it. Or maybe there just weren’t enough tiny robot friends.

  12. Physicsmaster

    Is it just me or are they about to fight in a Street Fighter like manner.

  13. me.vicky

    DAYUM. Zombie Nation playing on my iTunes EXACTLY as I pull up BlankIt? YES YES YES.

  14. Thepuck1

    Come, let’s dance, you and I…

  15. Physicsmaster

    I’m gonna call the giant robot “Lemmo and Aric’s giant fighting robot” or L.A.G.F.R for short.

  16. Physicsmaster

    Wait a second! When this is over do you think Lemmo will name every single robot? Cuz I can imagine him actually doing that!

  17. zeugenberg.de

    Why would you call it that since the two seem to have nothing to do about it and aren’t controlling it in any way recognizeable?
    We don’t even know if they are fighting in their favor or if they just want to have their own trophy which they don’t want to share with their cookie friends.

  18. RGSwan

    -Initiate dance-off sequence-
    -Uploading moveset-
    -Syncing music-
    [eyes glow red]

  19. macksting

    re: Physicsmaster – “Wait a second! When this is over do you think Lemmo will name every single robot? Cuz I can imagine him actually doing that!”
    Here’s an image for you. What if Lemmo forgot what name he gave Misty?

  20. E_is_for_Eric

    @Macksting: I would be very disappointed.

  21. Ray

    @PhysicsMaster: I think “F.R.A.L: Fighting Robot of Aric & Lemmo” is better. That or G.F.R.A.L. or E.F.R.A.L. for “Giant” or “Enourmous”, respectively.

  22. Retsof

    The only thing I ave to say is “oooooooh”

  23. Physicsmaster

    @zeugenberg.de: to b honest I don’t know weather or not the robots fight in the favor of them or if they are actually controling it. I just think it a cool name. 

    @macksing: (dramatic chipmunk music) O_O

    @Ray: hmmm E.F.R.A.L does sound better than L.A.G.F.R…
    … E.F.R.A.L it is! 

  24. Renee


  25. Music-chan


  26. Bluesox

    Bring it foo!! Whatchoo got?!?! Robots against cookies.. Hmmm.. CRUNCH!!!

  27. Midoriko


  28. boring7

    @Jackson: it is indeed on.

  29. Fedorov92

    Say hello to my little friends…

  30. Lankhmar

    It was seen coming….but it still blows my mind.

    That is actually.

    Now imagine if all those robots stood up…..

    And the joints must have been designed by some an insane engineer on an acid or something.

    Any bets on where lemmo and aric ended up?. I rekcon the fists just be different from every other giant robot thingy out there. So if it punches the cookie robot….they die.

  31. Dr. Juess

    My prognosis is elephantitis of the awesome.

  32. Flo

    bring. it. on.

    though it looks a little weird, not having a head like that. =/

  33. Daniel

    Apparantly red eyes = unison mode.


  34. DefierOfPhysics

    I can’t wait to see what happens next. Great job, guys!

  35. Squiggly

    Epic mega-awesome robot vs cookie battle will be epic mega-awesome.

  36. MBizzle

    It’s MORPHIN’ time!! What do they call it when they consolidate all their minisaurs to get the monstersaur? That’s what this makes me think of.

    I suddenly have a desperate need to answer this question. I miss Power Rangers.

  37. MBizzle


  38. Shirasong

    Cue the penguins!! XD

  39. zeugenberg.de

    And now, for one long weekend (It’s noon here already ;) the cookie-palace-robot and the …robot-robot are frozen in the longest staring contest ever. Although the amount of eyes seems to be in favor of the robots :-D

  40. Da Mighty Camel

    Awesome sauce.

    Now I’ll just hope for a Giga Drill Breaker…

  41. boring7

    And yet, somehow, my first thought is of rock-em sock-em robots, and how neither contender can hope to win when neither opponent has a head.

  42. Raron

    robots come together to form a giant robot… I CALLED IT! hahhah!

  43. Jonathon David

    was i right? the robots are somehow tied into aric and lemmo’s consciousness/being or depend on them in such a way that they are programmed to protect them???

    :P i am so totally hoping im way off, cuz i like a good surprise…

  44. djeims

    Maybe the robots just like imitating things. Remember the Aricbot!

  45. Andi

    Robots don’t seem to like cookies and penguins don’t like bugs. What will happen!

  46. MarshmallowRadiation

    So where are the socks in all of this?
    They ran away, but…

  47. boring7

    @MarshmallowRadiation: Check panel 3: http://blankitcomics.com/2010/02/04/rising-against/ and panel 1&2 http://blankitcomics.com/2010/02/08/battle-cry/.

    The problem with collaborative structures (such as a nanite swarm or the depicted robot-made-of-robots) is that they are essentially a single, giant muscle without any skeletal support. But the problem with *that* is that no one cares because Coll-critters are AWESOME.

  48. Timeline

    *starts singing bad romance*

  49. Ah!Delirante

    Deploy the giant flying fish! Possible spoilers!

    The penguins save them and rocket the flying fish to oblivion!!

  50. Dran

    So it’s dancing/spy robots vs cookie kingdom? And Aric just got punched.

  51. Tamfang


  52. digiace229

    And i’ll form the head!

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