Handling Crises


  1. camperp


    Ooh, shiny!


    And the unexpected plot twist takes yet another CRAZY turn!!!

  3. Arantor

    And another bar on the ‘panel distribution’ graph… :)

    Today’s comic rocks, guys! (And I enjoyed playing count the letters again.)

  4. Jloopy

    Of course it was filled with candy! What else would it be filled with?

  5. McFlury

    Also note the mexican hat falling from the ‘Flynata’. I bet Aric will be using that to cover the burns on his head… at least that’s what I would do :)

  6. Sadpinkmidget

    DUDE. freaking ace.

  7. molly

    wut. it’s a fly pinata.

    *brain fry of love*

  8. Teru

    Socks! 8D
    Tiny, cute, and probably screaming with the boys. n_n

  9. Beef

    This makes sense, everyone knows giant flys live off a diet of Mexican people, their hats, and confetti.

  10. Augmentation

    Another hat! It’s green, also! Maybe it’ll be used to cover up the gigantic hole in Aric’s head now… \o/

  11. macksting

    Now you mention it, that hat will become relevant, I’m sure.

  12. Parrot

    I love how … um, Socks… is dancing around too.
    And how our two main characters (Lemmo and Aric, really?) have forgotten about … it. him. her.

  13. Renee

    Yay! PiƱata! I wouldn’t partake in any of that candy, though.

  14. MBizzle

    Ahahahaha. I love the discrepancy between Lemmo and Aric’s reactions. Lemmo is a kid in a candy store. Aric is running for dear life.

  15. Twilakam

    This comic just makes me laugh. It feels like twelve shades of pure giggly random.

  16. socksbot

    lol this perfectly illustrates the difference between lemmo and aric because lemmo changes from ahhhhh to yayyyyyyy and aric changes from ahhhh to ohhhh noooooooo

  17. NoriMori

    LOOOOOOOL!!!!! OMG, the randomness of all this reminds me of Cyanide and Happiness (explosm.net), and of Dinosaur Comics (qwantz.com)! LOL!

  18. BlueSox


  19. Handgunman

    I like how you split the screams in two

  20. RandomFox01

    this scene makes me wish someone someday will create a Blank It movie

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