Handstands and Faceoffs


  1. Malcolm is that Lodestone?

    If I’m interpreting the title correctly, then this comic is about to have one less face.

  2. ShinRaiten

    Whoo! Go Lemmo! Act before you think, it never turns out badly!

  3. MarshmallowRadiation

    Spontaneous Badass Super Saiyan Hair Growth Engage!

  4. TaraSwanwing

    I just imagine an underscore between the second and third panels… :33

  5. Alan

    Go Lemmo, go Lemmo, yeah! He’s so going to kunch the crap out of Old Pericles! Assuming that is Pericles, that is… Either way, that old guy is going to get his ass kunched so hard!

  6. vengerofthelight

    What, precisely, is Pericles going to do to a massive-fegged Lemmo? Deus Ex Machina the crap out of him?

  7. PolleN112

    Hmm. What are the odd Lemmo’s larms splotch into Pericles and merge them?

  8. NoriMori

    Looool! “Kunch”! “I’m glad he didn’t say ‘Pick’.”… That’s genius.

    Man, it’s so great to have you guys back.

  9. PoriKori

    So, we now have the following line-up, if I’m correct: Aric, Aric ß, Lemmo ß, Larmo, Marina, and possibly a faceless Pericles with a sorely kunched ass?

    Oddly enough, I feel like this is the simplest cast list so far.

  10. bluudwurth

    Pericles is about to recieve the highest of fives and the lowest of blows. Sic ’em Lemmo!

  11. Ozimul

    Lemmo KUNCH! (said like Falcon PUNCH)

  12. Flakes

    The 8-foot b*tch slap:
    Pericles has never been more out of line, and he is about to find this out

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