Hangdog and Shamefaced


  1. Kholdstare

    I wish they could have helped the king with that thing, too. I’m curious as to what it was. D:

  2. Bizar Guy

    Hoho, well that was unexpected!

  3. Fuzzy

    Cookies in chains. Now that’s something you don’t see every day.

    I fear Rule 34.

  4. Fedorov92

    Is the fourth cookie from the left carrying a cookie who’s carrying a cookie?

  5. macksting

    Why yes, I do believe it is.

  6. Jill

    OK we have to all start thinking of our Blank It related Halloween Costume. I’m thinking “Cookie,” but I think that’s only because of recent events. I don’t want to neglect earlier awesome ideas, like “Shovel Beam”

  7. Megan

    Man i wish I were lithe so I could go as the Socks Fox.
    I could go as Misty……. Misty who has eaten half the population of cookies @_@; rawr.

  8. inusushi

    Hur hur, chocolate striped gimp cookie.

  9. Shuryou

    Why do they let themselves get captured like this? Can’t they just… Eat the cookies? Cleaving giant flies with shovel beams is fine, but eating cookies is a crime? I wonder what cookiefolk legs and arms taste like…

  10. me.vicky

    @shuryou: I’m pretty sure that’s a violation of the dreaded COOKIE LAW.
    2. Which one is Hangdog, and which is Shamefaced? I Think Lemmo is more of a Hangdog, but I’m not sure Aric would go for Shamefaced…hehe, just being facetious.
    3. Are they carrying, um, dead bags of flour or sugar or something? Or am I seeing x_x for no reason?
    4. On the whole, this is my new favorite strip just because of its absurdity. Cookies chained to treadmills…that’s psychological, dude. Do cookies have weight issues? Just a thought.

  11. macksting

    Flour! Hadn’t occurred to me.
    I notice that whereas there’s a cookie carrying a cookie carrying a psuedo-cookie, Aric and Lemmo appear to be carrying multiple psuedo-cookies each.
    Or, if it’s flour, are they proto-cookies?

  12. Ray

    Well, this was something of anti-climax. I really wanted to know what that thing they couldn’t help the cookie king with was…. :(

  13. Midoriko

    BAHAHAHAHA that was unexpected! I love this comic.

    And I call the Fergus costume!

  14. Lantash

    so, rather than inconvenience an innocent cookie, they are made to carry a ‘fake’ cookie. But what crime is that middle cookie guilty of that has to ‘hold’ a bag and be carried himself!
    Some minor infraction of cookie law no doubt.

    @Jill – ‘mist’ people, perhaps half named. would be quite ghoulish too.

  15. Lipkin

    I wanna be pirate Aric.

  16. Timeline

    The cookie with the whip looks like he’s enjoying himself a liitle too much..

  17. Daniel

    Analyzation time!

    Lemmo says that he wishes that they COULD HAVE helped Cookie King with his thing. First, he doesn’t say what the thing was, so that implies that they don’t totally know what it is themselves, and second, his saying “could have” makes it seem like it was a cookie-only project.

    I wonder what that could be? Probably something that you have to be small or round to do. Or incredibly thin.
    Then again, why would the Cookie King ask them to do something he knows they can’t do, and sentence thmem for it? Apparantly this king is somewhat evil.
    Or maniacal.
    Or stupid.

    Also, the farthest four treadmills have a wooden bar dangling over it, but the one closest to the viewing perspective is bar-free. Hmm…

    Also, The first cookie is chained to his treadmill, the second cookie to the first cookie, the third to the second, the third’s little buddy to the third, Lemmo to the third’s little buddy AND to the first’s leg, and Aric to Lemmo’s treadmill. So, if the first guy fails and falls, pretty much everyone falls down as well.
    Cookie Law’s sentences are harsh!

  18. TheBananaFish

    It appears to me that all of them are chained to their treadmill. Except the cookie being carried, he looks like he’s chained to his carrier.

    And the fact that they’re on treadmills says something of cookie law: apparently carrying a cookie isn’t enough, you must carry the cookie while moving. Interesting. Or maybe having a cookie in your arms while standing still only counts as “holding” a cookie and to adhere to the language of cookie law you must be moving for it to be called “carrying.”

    If you eat part of a fellow cookie, do you still carry it as punishment? Or do they try to keep you away from cookies. So far I have no reason to believe that there is a “capitol cookie punishment.”

  19. Heather

    Actually, they are each chained to their own treadmill, not each other. And I’m thinking the bags are just dummy cookies. Like carrying a doll instead of a real baby.

  20. Bozobub

    Well, hot damn. Your comic stands out, fellas, in a sea of (on the average) quite good competitors; keep it up! Following links from Penny Arcade, I stumbled on Blank It anf read your entire archive… Shovel Beams and Cookie Kings ftw. =D

  21. macksting

    “Like carrying a doll instead of a real baby.”
    Around my school, we used flour bags for this.

  22. macksting

    Those are some strange little windows.

  23. Renee

    This is a bit gruesome.

  24. Midoriko

    And now that you have said that, macksting, I can do nothing but wonder what the meaning of the window shapes could possibly be.

    What kind of cookie IS the cookie with the whip, anyway?

  25. them1me1you

    it’s a medieval style castle with medieval style torture . . . but with treadmills.

  26. Daniel

    Hmm, looking at the way the lighting is portrayed through the “windows”, I’m thinking they could either be windows or maybe even lamps of some sort. The way the glare goes downwards suggests that either (A) Lemmo kinda took an easy short-cut on the lighting, or (B) the glare is going downwards because they’re lamps.

    The lamp theory can be easily applied to the smaller ones that are at the right-most area of the room (Although the lamps make you think they’re far away, look where the ground ends. It’s a rather smallish room.), but closer up, or at the left side, they seem to be windows.

    This really doesn’t matter, I geuss, but it’s just an observation.

  27. Daniel

    Also, there seems to be nothing powering the treadmills. Are the prisoners pushing it themselves?

  28. macksting

    I assumed the prisoners are generating power for something.

  29. Bozobub

    Put’em on a bit of an incline and you don’t need motors ^^,

  30. Bozobub

    ‘Sides, nearly anything could be in those housings…

  31. Daniel

    I suppose so, but those housings are as big as the boys’ feet. That’s about an inch and a half thick to two inches thick..

    Not a lot of room to put a generator.

  32. Niemi

    Good thing Lemmo still has shoes. Everyone else in that line has to go with bare feet.

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