Hazard Turned Incident


  1. Asok

    You guys make getting limbs chopped off seem painless. And those socks foxes are the best

  2. Timeline

    IV hand juice, STAT.

  3. Sillytwist

    Lol at sox-in-his-hand-that-isnt-chopped-off face hes all “gasp” but now where are we going to get a new hand… i hope theres still enough to give him a hand back

  4. JamesLite

    That’s not very… handy?


  5. socksbot

    it doesn’t seem like much of a problem with a giant puddle of hand juice behind him

  6. Megan

    @ socksbot yeah but he’ll have to try not to have any feet cut off in the mean time.. or any other appendages =x

    oh noes!

  7. runedeadthA

    It looks like Lemmo has been…Sunk!

    ….wait a second……….crap.

  8. Midoriko

    Dammit, Lemmo.

  9. Physicsman

    Damnit Aric! Why did you have to go and jynks it?

  10. Renee

    @JamesLite: That was painful.

    I hope the Right Sock doesn’t get hurt.

  11. Ray

    Well, this is bad. Also, the first drops of blood. Not that that’s a good thing. I should hope the handjuice remaining is both sufficient & fresh.

  12. Zachaos

    Oh the irony; the sweet, painful irony.

  13. Zachaos

    btw, is it me or is lemmo’s bangs getting excessively long

  14. Megan

    @ Zachaos (p.s. I first read your name as a play on nachos instead of chaos hehe..)

    Lemmo’s bangs have been getting progressively longer, although I’ve yet to figure out how they’re so gravity defying ;)

  15. Timeline

    Looks like his hand got..

    *puts on sunglasses*



  16. Fedorov92

    This would be absolutely horrifying if we hadn’t been through this before…

  17. Willy T

    I bet next comic has Lemmo sticking his stub into the hand-juice and growing a claw. please don’t let it be that predictable.

  18. Midoriko

    Now Lemmo won’t be as handsome, and the two foxes will be even more of a handful.

  19. socksbot

    lemmo U should rly try listening to aric sometimes lol

  20. Physicsman

    Obviously Its difficult to feel severe pain in this universe cuz Lemmo doesn’t seem to b affected to much by this.

  21. socksbot

    I hope dark socks is ok

  22. socksbot

    @ Megan I think over time his hair is growing

  23. Daniel

    The first dirty word uttered by the Main Characters!
    And first blood.

    Anyway, Lemmo’s hair has been getting huge to small to gargantuan, often in that order in one comic. It’s just a drawing thing that Lemmo (IRL) has, as I believe he said so on the Forums.

  24. Physicsman

    @Daniel: actually I believe that Aric said Damnit earlier on (when lemmo took off on that giant fly-like creature) right b4 the panel when Socks 1st Talks.

  25. bluesox

    Lemmo! I thought you were rated pg….. Aric, I knew you weren’t… BLOOOOOD!!!! Has anyone mentioned that yet? Why is it always the right hand? Jeez… Why is Aric so far away? Is it cuz he’s smart?

  26. lemmo

    Aric might not know it, but I’ve been doing hand lop-off jokes in comics for a long time.

  27. djeims

    I agree with Lemmo; his hand looks much better severed from his body.

  28. Da Mighty Camel

    Aric should be giving Lemmo a hand in the current situation.

  29. socksbot

    @Daniel actually Aric says dammit when lemmo grabs onto the pinata fly

  30. camerbob

    What if it grew into another Lemmo?…Alas, poor Aric.

  31. Bellstrom

    Hmm, what would happen if a hand landed in hand juice?

  32. ShadowTag

    Ya know…I feel bad for Aric… Lemmo really is a HANDFULL!!! *insert rimshot here*

    Secondly I’m gonna call the dark one Sox and the light one Socks.

    And thirdly, is there any way to put him back together again?

  33. socksbot

    @physicsman didt Aric feel pain when lemmo shoved his Head hHand against the shovel beam

  34. Wolfox

    I do believe somebody needs some of that hand juice now…

  35. Physicsman

    @Socksbot:ur right I believe he did… New theroy Lemmo can’t feel severe pain in thus universe (like when Lemmo could walk on “water” but Aric couldn’t. They’re both affected differntly during certain phenomenon)

  36. DefierOfPhysics

    Firstly, BlankIt is hilarious. I read many webcomics and this is by far my favorite.

    The Foxes of Soxes are great. I just hope Aric and Lemmo figure out what Sox was trying to tell them before it is too late.

    Yin’s expression in the last panel is priceless. (My favorite suggested name pairs are “Yin and Yang” and “Dexter and Sinister”, but both “Yang” and “Sinister” make dark sock seem evil and thus less appealing.)

    I’m still a little disappointed that the most intelligent character was split into two less-than-genius characters, but the cuteness makes up for it.

    I am waiting for Lemmo to sprout a lobster claw, but *really* hoping this does not come to pass.

    Great comic as always. Keep up the good work!

  37. Physicsman

    @DefierOfPhysics: I call them Yin and Yang as well (but I call the darker 1 Yin bcuz Yin is actually the black half of the Yin-Yang symbol).

    P.S even though western cultures think of Yin-Yang as good and evil it actually doesn’t have to b those. They’re used to represent any 2 natural things that are opposites (i.e up and down; darkness (in terms of lack of light) and light; water and fire etc.) so even though good and evil can b represented in the Yin-Yang symbol they don’t have 2. So calling 1 of them yang shouldn’t make it seem evil.

  38. DefierOfPhysics

    Sorry, I was wrong. Yin is indeed the darker one.

    I am aware that it does not need to have an evil connotation, just as Sinister meaning “left” does not need to, but regardless they have taken on that meaning in popular culture.

    On that note, I feel obligated to suggest “Darth Sox” as a potential name for the darker rendition of Sox.

  39. Physicsman

    @DefierOfPhysics: “Darth Sox” huh… I like that. 

  40. them1me1you

    and now Star Wars references! I agree with Darth Sox and also, as in starwars, there must always be a chopped off limb!

  41. Dr. Juess (pronouced Juice)

    i enjoy the font choice on the crab claw *snip* sound.
    just thought i’d share.

  42. socksbot

    @physicsman sry but it’s yang yang is dark and yin-yang is chinese I believe for good and evil

  43. soup's up

    It seems like lemmo is HANDicapped now :D

  44. NoriMori

    OMG, is there blood this time????

  45. switch

    One more hand joke and… I’ll post something saying how annoyed I am! And violent stuff! Also, if memory serves, it was socks who said “Dammit.” When Aric jumped on the bug ribbon. His second words!

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