Heed The Sign Means Heed The Sign


  1. cheetaboy7

    Wild Bellsprout Appeared! Bellsprout used Vine Whip!

    *tisk tisk
    Thats what happens when you walk through tall grass.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    I like how Aric is tip-toeing and Lemmo is doing the Shaggy walk.

    Also, that sign is pretty creepy looking. Not nearly as creepy as King Ginger, but still creepy.

  3. Jackson


  4. MultiversalInk

    Aha! Ninja plants. I knew it.

    I love panel 3.

  5. Yogurt?

    I`m going to guess that L & A are really small and the things that look like giant grass blades are normal sized.

    Also, does that sign have eyes?

  6. monsterzero

    Well, that was quick.


    Sign-us Traveller Trap? It makes me wonder if the box was also a frightening wooden monster…

  8. Cheetaboy7

    If Aric and Lemmo are small and everything else is normal sized then why is the sign not huge? (I hope you understood that)

    Also, yes. The sign does have eyes, and a mouth, and leafy vine like arms.

  9. Fire arms

    Heed the sign dude ALWAYS heed the freaking sign >.<

  10. Renee

    If this were Zelda, they could just chop it up with their swords.

  11. E_is_for_Eric

    And if it were Zelda, someone could play the song of healing, and the sign would re-build itself.

  12. anony

    @ E_is_for_Eric
    in Majoras mask yes, in ocarina of time its zeldas lullaby

  13. Rentok

    Or Zelda’s Lullaby, both songs have sign-repairing qualities.

  14. Rentok

    Wow, ninjas indeed.

  15. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    *tsk tsk tsk* c’mon people. The ninjas just haven’t appeared yet! Don’t give up hope!

  16. Daniel

    I love the backgrounds.
    @ Lemmo: Would you consider showing off the process of creating a Blank It comic strip? I’d like to know both how you draw the characters and such and also how the strip is created :D

  17. Defier of Physics

    I love Aric’s face in panel 2.
    Also, that sign must have a very boring life. He just sits there, waiting for someone to walk by. Poor stationary wooden monstrosity…

  18. MarshmallowRadiation

    Ignoring the sign, it looks like Aric and Lemmo found somethingon the ground.

  19. Flo

    ha ha, that sign looks awesome!

  20. Xajek

    It kinda looks like the sign is choking.

  21. Gimp_the_swimmer


  22. Ray

    So does the other side of something qualify as “beyond” it?

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