Hemelytra Autotomy


  1. Jalee1

    Oh I feel so special! Yay me! I am automatically assuming (not presuming, mind you) that I have the first comment!

  2. Jalee1

    OMG squeal!!! I really WAS the first commenter!!!!! Yaaaaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Jalee1

    Ooh!!!! Ahh!!!! Ow now he’s so prettyful!!!!!!!!! Oh look at the colors!!!!

  4. Jalee1

    How did Lemmo know that ripping his wings off would be a semi-bad idea?

  5. Jalee1

    Is there no one else to comment?

  6. Jalee1


  7. Jalee1

    Is anyone there?

  8. E_is_for_Eric

    Holy christ Jalee1… calm your tits.

    Man! Fergus with beautiful butterfly wings? I wonder if they’ll turn into wasp wings as soon as he starts saying rude things again.

  9. NoriMori

    Yeah, Jalee1, that was overkill… The most I’ve commented in a row was three times, and one of them was an accidental double-post, and the third one was an apology for the double post. Holy crap. We know you’re first, but calm down.

    And also, I’m assuming (ya know, just a thought), that Lemmo knew ripping his wings off was a bad idea because, generally, that IS a bad idea? I mean knowing that doesn’t really make him Einstein, it kinda just makes him Captain Obvious.

    Lol, at first I thought it was FERGUS saying “Aric! No!” Just because of the face. His face is classic.

    Totally love the wings, btw. So bright and colourful and shiny! I wonder if the rest of him is secretly that beautiful? That’d be pretty cool. And, like a lot of things in this comic, completely unexpected. XD

    Lastly, I’ve dissected the title:

    Hemelytra — “An elytron (from Greek: ἔλυτρον “sheath”; plural: elytra) is a modified, hardened forewing of certain insect orders, notably beetles (Coleoptera) and a few of the true bugs (Heteroptera); in most true bugs, the forewings are instead called hemelytra, as only the basal half is thickened while the apex is membranous.” ~ Wikipedia

    Autotomy — “Autotomy (from the Greek auto = “self-” and tomy = “severing”) or self amputation is the act whereby an animal severs one or more of its own appendages, usually as a self-defense mechanism designed to elude a predator’s grasp. The lost body part may be regenerated later.” ~ Wikipedia

    So, does this mean that the wings came off so easily and cleanly because he felt threatened so he cast them off himself? And then he regrew them, but 100 times prettier? O.o

  10. NoriMori

    Whoa…sorry for the double post, but I just realized how vicious Aric looks in the second panel. O_O Be afraid…be very afraid…

  11. Exeres

    I don’t think you need to apologize for a double post when it is preceded by a septuple post.

  12. Renee

    D’awww! I always knew Fergus would turn into a beautiful butterfly!

  13. Sir Matt

    That was … unexpected.

  14. Evan

    Welp, Fergus just lost 500 man-points.

  15. Parrot

    It seems I have severely underestimated Aric’s capacity for violence. ;-;
    Also, Congratulations! Your Fergus evolved into a Beautifly!

  16. Wilhelm

    Lord Ben Thinks Jalee1 should lay off the red bull O_o

  17. PolleN112

    Hmm, I wonder if the wings will work if you stick them on something/someone else? A flying parasox, hat, jacket, Lemmo?

  18. Nexall

    So if the rest of Fergus is torn apart will he turn fully into a butterfly, then have something else working inside him?
    Side note to Jalee1 the reason no one was responding to you was that you made all those posts within like 7 minutes.

  19. bosch

    Has anyone else noticed that Lemmo has both arms now?

  20. lemmo

    Oh man, ignore the other arm. Total artist gaffe!

  21. Qqtt991

    Pfffft I saw the new page and snorted out loud.
    Then I actually read it and started laughing.

    Also unless there was an edit of the page, Lemmo still has his stump.

  22. Nester64

    I had forgotten that Aric’s hair previously exhibited motive force of its own until I saw this strip. what tipped me off? his sideburns. Is it humanly possible for sideburns to go any lower without becoming a beard?

  23. lemmo

    I totally fixed the arm before leaving for work. I’m a ninja like that.

    I do love working on the intarwebs. Paper publishing is so… final.


    Methinks that this development will only serve to make Fergus more bitter & loudmouthed.

    (Fantastic title, btw)

  25. Chaos Theory

    Maybe the reason Fergus is pissed is because those are just the butterfly’s wings, and he has no control over them.

  26. inusushi


  27. theshim

    Any theories on what the old wings will end up turning into?

  28. Canada

    It’s the influence of the butterfly working his thorax?

  29. killer ambition

    i still love the foxes cause there fluffy

  30. NoriMori

    @inusushi, We already saw the butterfly’s wings… Unless they morphed or something, I don’t think they belong to that butterfly…

    Lol @Exeres — point taken. XD I will never feel bad about a double post ever again. Well, I will, but then I will reflect upon your words of wisdom and feel less bad. XD But I will still feel self-conscious about it. XD

    Lol @Evan.

    @lemmo, Don’t worry dude, happens to the best of us. I totally didn’t notice, and as you said (well not really, but kinda), the beauty of the internet as that you can just go back and fix it and then feel like a ninja. With print, you actually have to BE a ninja to have such skillz. :P

  31. random man


  32. bosch

    Just to be clear, I wasn’t trying to nitpick or anything. I just thought Lemmo had found an extra can of hand juice or something. All things considered he should consider keeping some around. Never know when it could come in handy.

  33. SleepyVen

    Did the butterfly take over wing duty too?

  34. Jalee1

    …me thinks me had too much candy and such yesterday… and me likes sparkles… and me likes wings…

  35. marca311

    I wonder what happens if you pull out that set of wings?
    Do they become something even more awesome?
    Why has Aric become more aggressive? Is it a link to the real life person?
    (I hope not) Anyway, whenever I see fergus now, I can put up with him a lot easier.


  36. runedeadthA

    @Jalee1: Candy is scientificlly proven to NOT induce hyperactivity. You have no excuse! :Angreyfaece:

    Aric, Pull ’em off again! Maybe you’ll get a jetpack!

  37. AlexThander

    He is a pretty butterfly, he brings the pretty to your eyes.

  38. Ray

    So, Fergus has pretty butterfly wings & covers that up by hiding them & putting on a manly-man attitude?

  39. NoriMori

    @runedeadthA, Citation needed.

    And before, I don’t know why I was replying to inusushi before, I meant to be replying to Canada… *shrug*

    Lol @bosch… “comes in handy”… Lol. Don’t know if that was deliberate, but lol anyway. XD

  40. Tweets

    Just for the record… Jalee1, I loved your posts.

  41. Ozimul

    Fergus is pretty, oh so pretty~
    He’s so pretty, and witty, and-
    *blinded by the sparkles* afshdglz

  42. KOHL

    Could it possibly be that the butterfly in the gut is now in control?

  43. wonderboy

    where is this all leading?

  44. Dvandemon

    I’m guessing that Fergus, in fact, knew somewhat what would happen if his wings were ripped off (I’m guessing because he said “dammit” as if in a sucky mood cuz of it). They’re definitely not the butterfly in his thorax’s wing, I believe that. I’m starting to notice that some of the canvas creatures never seem to actually die (that’s if they even get a serious injury) but morph upon extreme personal damage

  45. Dvandemon

    P.S. NoriMori, I almost read the title as Hemelytra Autonomy, which to me seemed like the wings were almost out of his control xP I’m also a little nervous about ow consistent the wing’s design will be across strips

  46. Omgwatwasdat

    Jakee1 overkilled more than me!!!!…..2 years ago

    Awesome installment, totally epic

  47. Omgwatwasdat


  48. mathmad2008

    Lol’d at Lemmo’s face in the first background.

  49. mathmad2008

    Er, panel.

  50. NoriMori

    @Dvandemon, at first I thought they had just *misspelled* “autonomy”, but then I looked it up… XD And yeah, it never occurred to me, but your anxiety about the wings is probably justified… :P

  51. mattb

    must be the butterfly in his mesothorax

  52. Browncoatmal

    Brick Joke?

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