History Repeats Itself


  1. socksbot

    Hooray for getting back to blank it’s roots in which are currently in the buck

  2. Chlimaxe

    amazing and nothing has even happened yet

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Ooooo… New outfits! I’m so excited to actually be here for the start of Chapter II!

  4. Tom

    Ooh, change to the artwork style as well. I like it.

    Still, would quite like to know what happened with Captain Phenomenal as well…

  5. Lipkin

    Calling it now. He’s a robot.

  6. socksbot

    @lipkin but his face is normal and appendages look normal I think his pants just go over his feet I’m not sure if their shoe situation

  7. Jacob

    They appear to be in some sort of fractured thing? Or is it veins? Or… something?

    Damn it I don’t even want to try and second guess Blank It anymore. :P

  8. General K. Oss

    It looks like they’re walking on clouds. That and the subdued colors of Lemmo’s clothing makes me wonder if this is a dream. Which makes me wonder if the previous chapter was a dream, making this a dream within a dream.

    On a completely unrelated musing, I wonder what happened to the bug half they were riding on.


    It appears that shades of grey are in for the characters and the universe at present – and long baggy clothing for Lemmo. I think that the real question here is – Was Lemmo/Aric dreaming about Captain Phenominal?


  10. Musicluvr

    I’m liking lemmo’s new look. :)

  11. Megan

    Where’s the like button? j/k.

  12. Ryan M

    His bell bottoms shall blot out the sun!

  13. Omgwatwasdat

    IT’S THE 70s !!!!!!!

  14. matt b

    hmm… 3 issues

  15. matt b

    did we just comment at same time?

  16. Omgwatwasdat

    But why does lemmo have the same hat?

  17. Omgwatwasdat

    Yes. Yes we did. Welcome to the matrix of……..idk

  18. Omgwatwasdat

    Omg maybe their mustache rangers now!!!!!!! But …..no mustache

  19. cheetaboy7

    Is that supposed to be Lemmo? I’m not so sure…

  20. Omgwatwasdat

    He does look kinda diffirent….like his face is…… Weird for lemmo

  21. Omgwatwasdat

    Wait a minute……. Lemmo has super long hair!!!!!! It’s even longer than mine!!!!!!!

  22. Omgwatwasdat

    I’m sry I gotta say it…….IT’S OVER 900000000000000!!!!!!!

  23. Ray

    What the buck?! What’s the buck?! And who is this new guy?

  24. Omgwatwasdat

    Did u read blank it before the super hero thing?

  25. Omgwatwasdat

    I think I like commentin:-,

  26. EarthBound015

    Trolls R Kewl 9_9

  27. aric

    Okay okay okay. Let’s try not to comment more than once in a row, please.

  28. cheetaboy7

    I agree.

  29. Kyle Jones

    If you look at the right side of the last panel of the last page of chapter 1, you can see them entering this different looking world, so i don’t think either of these chapters are dreams.

  30. Vash_The_Stampede

    Quite obvious what’s happening here, the re-animation process has begun!! they never slept (except when knocked-out… But that doesn’t count!!) so now that they willingly went to sleep, they are now truley waking up… Or something like that… Lol

  31. Jonathon David


    I LOVE how they have come completely full circle, and even have new clothes!! :D

  32. Defier of Physics

    I think this is a sort of dream sequence, but Lemmo and Aric are sharing the dream. I really hope we aren’t completely starting from scratch, because I liked the stuff from chapter 1.

  33. Music-chan

    Hmm, there seems to be a lack of colour here. Iiiiiiinteresting.

  34. Omgwatwasdat

    Ok that’s kinda creepy…….U BE TROWLLIN!!!!!!

  35. Mariehane

    god dammit everyone…
    isn’t it obvious that he is grey because he became less important when they slept!?
    I’m surprised noone thought of that…

  36. piemaster85

    weird. this will be intersting. I hope we are not beginning from the start agian.

  37. vengerofthelight

    @Mariehane: Actually, that’s an interesting theory. I don’t like ruling anything out in Blank It, but other than the idea of the Canvas not being, essentially, centered around Aric and Lemmo, I’m not sure this would be true.
    But, again, this is Blank It. :V

  38. ThisIsNotDan

    Looks to me like Lemmo’s wearing the same thing he wore in http://blankitcomics.com/2008/06/23/shirtgoesdown/, which is to say, the same thing he’s worn since he put his clothes back on, sans overshirt. And art upgrade. I wouldn’t go thinking this world has been “greyed-out” just yet. I’m definitely drawing a connection between the new background and the mist civilization, though.

  39. socksbot

    Lemmo why must you kill arica buzz

  40. Qqtt991


  41. Omgwatwasdat

    Ummmm lemmo always had Long pants they were stuffed into his shoes kinda so it probably just came out…. But his pants were a differnt color…… But I think that it’s becuase it was bleached or somthing from the whiteness

  42. Jonathon David

    @ThisIsNotDan: I think you’re right, he’s just missing the yellow over shirt…

    Where’d lemmo’s shirt go? IS aric up to something fishy?

  43. MultiversalInk

    If you compare the first strip and the last of Chapter 1, the first strip was considerably greyer than the last. If this is history repeating itself, maybe the greyness is part of it?

  44. Mr.Bigglesworth

    Bet you that there will be something about captain phenomonal in this chapter

    and I want to see what happened to the cute little foxes

  45. runedeadthA

    Lemmo’s Pants!: Now with super sagging powers!

  46. maglorius

    He’s become a teenager.

  47. Omgwatwasdat

    Omg the little foxes might b all growed up :-O

  48. Jaz

    @ omgwhatwasdat–I’m practically dying of laughter because of that over 9000 joke and none of my friends get it…thanks. Thanks alot.

    What’s with the crake in this panel anyway? Is this a new person, or is it Lemmo with longer hair and different clothes? Is that Aric in the (almost) buck again? Why am I asking YOU these questions, when you obvioulsy don’t know? I’m liking how we go back to the normal blank it though. Captian Phenomial’s world was remotly realistic, meaning that crazy and utterly insane things couldn’t happen…like the miracle hand juice and the cookie palace. Can’t wait for the next comic!! –jaz our

  49. Yogurt?

    Why cant Lemmo see if Aric is in the buck?

  50. Omgwatwasdat

    @Jaz- ur welcome I nevr realy watched dragon ball z dat much but I remebered that when I saw his HUGHMONGUS hair and @yogert?- I didn’t think of dat mayb he’s invisamables

  51. E_is_for_Eric



  52. Flo

    hmm, it looks like lemmo, but not the same. He looks younger to me, and his hair color is slightly different.

    different character, or younger lemmo who will soon meet younger Aric? time will tell us, but I wanna know D:

  53. M

    May I point out that Lemmo actually wears this grey shirt under the yellow one? Some ppl didn’t know.
    I think Lemmo woke up back in time, but he has long hair as he has been asleep for a long time, and the lines are just because this is part of a comic from 2 years ago! (ie wrinkles)

  54. Bluesox

    YAY!!! ..did his outfit change?

  55. NoriMori

    Yo I love his new clothes! They are definitely different…his pants are so different. They look more epic! Like in Yu-Gi-Oh!, whenever they changed the clothes it was always to something more epic… It reminds me of that. XD

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