How to ruin the moment


  1. drew

    hilarious, love it. stumbled.

  2. Barrington

    That’s the most serious threat I’ve ever heard.

  3. Renee87

    I love the Space Invader shorts. ^_^

  4. Akamar


  5. Fedorov92

    Been reading BlankIt for months now, but I still keep coming back to panel 4…. best threat ever. Period.

  6. Sampson

    man on the edge!

  7. Me

    Idk if his pants would fit in his eye sockets………

  8. Raron

    He would MAKE it fit

  9. Kid of Death

    Love Aric’s glasses in panel 4. That and poor Lemmo’s expression. I dunno if I was the only one to notice that Lemmo’s hair shifted with each panel.

  10. Tsar Chronicles

    HAHAHA! I love it when Aric gets all scary!

  11. RandomFox01

    I have a theory, Lemmo’s bangs react to his mood and movements……who agrees?

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