1. Jloopy

    Now Aric is going to get his junk burned.

  2. nuclearwhale

    Well he aint gonna use it anyway…

  3. Brian

    Woohoo! Yes AND!

  4. maglorius

    wait… he TRUSTS him?

  5. Arantor

    No, no, the true dialogue is:
    “Do you trust me?”
    [guards chasing]
    “Do you trust me?!?”
    “Then jump!!!”

    Sorry, this just reminded me of Disney’s Aladdin. :-)

  6. Hellendrung

    Yes, and. A tribute to the improvisational roots of Aric McKeown. Awesome.

  7. camerbob

    I want one.

  8. Jill

    See how it advanced the scene? Nice, nice.

  9. WeeGoblin

    There is something rather rude in his…um…riding position.

  10. Groxx

    Holy cow! They’re going BUDOO miles per hour!

    I mean, everyone knows that’s the only way to break the huolongjing barrier.

  11. Renee McCormick

    Happy Saint Patrick’s Day, everyone!

    Sadly, tis a little known fact on this side of the pond that Patrick was British.

    Having said that, I wish everyone a happy and safe night with the luck of the Irish.

  12. them1me1you

    and may the irish be unified once again

  13. them1me1you

    anyone notice that there is no ocean on the other side of the mountains?

  14. Jloopy

    Water doesn’t climb mountains!

  15. WeeGoblin

    @Renee. Welsh to be accurate.

  16. macksting

    Wait, so we Welsh folk should be wearing green?
    I’ll stick with grey on a day like this. I hear it matches the sky of my Welsh ancestors.

  17. lemmo

    Hey, I’m of Welsh descent. Pew is a Welsh name.

  18. macksting

    So’s Powell, though I seldom lay claim to it here.

  19. lemmo

    Let me guess. It means “Ap Howell”.

  20. them1me1you

    I’m Welsh-Scot. . .

  21. Kid of Death

    I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist.
    “Oh that is so Welsh.”
    “I show you something fantastic, you find fault.”
    No offense to those of you who are Welsh. Y’all were talking about it and it reminded me of that quote.

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