I Think You Cookies Need a New Sheriff


  1. Midoriko

    You tell ’em, Misty!

    It occurs to me that if she ever is named, it’s going to be absolutely impossible for me to stop thinking of her as Misty. I really hope I’m not alone…?

    Also, I’ve decided to run my life entirely according to cookie laws. I only know one cookie law (so far) but since it’s a suitably awesome one, I think I’m safe in my decision. The trick now will be making other people follow cookie law, and making sure I’m always right.

  2. tez711

    oh god, i could never stop calling her misty!

  3. MeVicky

    @midoriko: that’s why the cookie law needs to be on a t-shirt, so no-one can dispute that it is an actual law and must therefore always be followed

    Also, I’m very interested to hear that being a cookie implies submitting to a monarchy…and also, what flavor is the king???

  4. Renee

    Ah, this makes my Monday morning. I’m SO not a morning person. Poor cookie.

    And yes, I too will always think of her as Misty, even if she receives a new name.

    Ooh! What if she’s always referred to as their “misty friend” and then they shorten it to “misty”…would that technically be naming her?

    I’ll be quiet now. I’m not fully coherent yet, and I need to get myself to work.

  5. juztin

    absolutely love this comic, most original comic ever done… anywhos, has anybody noticed the small detail of Aric’s & lemmo’s clothes getting dirty?

  6. Megan

    Yep! I noticed the clothes AND I noticed Lemmo’s gravity-defying long sticky-uppy hair :)

    nice attention to detail.

    Also.. @ midoriko, no, I will not be able to think of her as anything but Misty.

  7. Jill

    Is she disappearing???

  8. Bryan

    I’ve gotta say, I wouldn’t want Aric to carry me.
    All those stains might rub off on me!

  9. macksting

    I’m inclined to say that I’ll have both names in mind. It has been my intention all along, if the internal working title for her character becomes external for us or what have you, to redirect the Misty/Arica pages to the official name. Even so, I would see no problem with discussing her by the names Arica, Misty, and the new name; all would seem equally valid to me, I think.

  10. maglorius

    I wonder if the authors are affected in any way by all the comments and speculation. I know the comic is planned, but isn’t it hard not to want to please the fans by “tweaking” here and there?
    Is there any possibility she might wind up named Misty as the official name?

  11. macksting

    Depends partially on how emotionally invested they are in the internal name scheme their thingies have. (Though it sounds like we nailed the Shovel Beam.)

  12. Treats

    Is it completely sick that after reading this, I immediately had to satisfy my a craving for chocolate chip cookies?

  13. speearr

    Misty appears to be fading. And is that cookie salivating melted chocolate chips?

  14. HappyHead

    Actually, I don’t think Misty’s fading – she seems to be recovering from her brief disappearance during the previous strip – if you check panel 1 of last strip, she went down to just a pair of eyes and loose fog, and was missing for the rest of it. Since normal unsettlers tend to focus only when they have something that needs attention, perhaps she has a suggestion related to the current events?

  15. Megan

    @Maglorius — During the comic meet up, Lem and Aric said specifically that they will *not* be swayed by the public. I believe they used the word Pander.. They will not pander to the fans outcries because they’re not catering to fanboys/fangirls. I like that though :D It keeps the comic genuine and surprising. I mean, can you imagine if the fans got to call the shots? We’d see socks the fox running around looking completely adorable while drinking hand-juice and shooting the breeze with the bugs near the shovel beam. Long Live the Artists! independent of the spectators.

  16. Ziggy Stardust

    I have enjoyed the comic so far with the storyline being planned, and I have no wish to make it otherwise- but some comics are better when reader-suggestions are taken.

  17. Stressed Bob

    I love the comic, just finished reading it from the start. Excellent, I don’t know what you were on when you thought of this but I want some!

  18. MishLDirnt

    :D Can’t wait for more! Keep it random ^^

  19. Lemmo

    The thing is, readers can only give suggestions based on information they already have, and cannot take into consideration the vast swath of information Aric and I have already created behind the scenes. So even the most robust suggestions are surface speculations at best.

    I have to be vague to avoid spoilers, but trust me. Aric and I have more junk about this story scrolled in sketchbooks, notepads and text documents than the readers will ever be privy to at any given time.

  20. Wolfox

    now my ponderance – king of the cookies, or king of this… realm?
    either way, COULD be bad, bad news, which mayhaps our fading friend intends to “remind” Lemmo of?

  21. miamijuggler

    I really like the (apparently) fluid nature of both the plot and of the world that this is set in.

    Also, is anyone else having as hard of a time NOT falling in love with Misty as I am? Or am I just a sucker for romance? Even in the most absurd situations.

    Curse you writer/artist duo! For making fictional characters so attractive!

  22. Katlyn

    I agree with Miamijuggler, that the fluid and random appearing (sorry Lemmy and Aric, called it as I saw it) story we find here is attractive. It might be that because I have to work and such, and thus my life is regimented. Therefore I enjoy my time here, and while I doubt one of our ideas or suggestions would not be taken if it fit with Aric and Lemmy’s plans, I’m sure Lemmy is right in saying there’s too much we don’t know…. DAMNIT SOMEONE FIND MORE PEOPLE TO VISIT! I WANNA SEE MORE!

  23. Sqverl

    @ Midoriko Actually, if Misty is named, she won’t be so misty… So… Calling her Misty from then on would be plain wrong… Now carry me. ))))

  24. Fedorovistanigrad

    Just started from the beginning today, and read all the way through non-stop! I have to say that it’s hard to impress me as far as webcomics go, but Blank It is now on my Favorites list, along with only one other webcomic, Cyanide and Happiness. One of the best and most original ideas ever! LOVE IT.

    I think it’s awesome how Lemmo and Aric actually comment along with their various devotees and/or cult members, myself included. Given the, for lack of a better word, ‘plot,’ so far, I would rather have the writer and artist completely ignore our pinings and keep things random, so long as they continue to mingle! In any case, I have my suspicions about how this universe actually reacts to the whims of its characters; ex. I have observed comments being posted about an idea of suggestion, and then seeing something rather similar appear in a comic later; of course, this may be coincidence- or I may just be paranoid ;)

    Keep it awesome!

  25. Midoriko

    @Sqverl Aaugh, that’s an excellent point! and oh nooo, my plan to always be right has failed already!

    *carries Sqverl*

  26. macksting

    Fedoro, if you’d care to add to the Wild Mass Guessing, check out the wiki’s WMG page. It’s short on theories.

    Bravo tango whiskey, saw an ad for Blank It on the Something*Positive webpage. Awesome.

  27. Ray

    Great, now there’s a Cookie KING?! Oh well, live with it. Not that’s it’s necessarily bad. It seems Cookies are Lawful, Bugs are Neutral and Penguins are Chaotic.

  28. Lemmo

    Great. Now you can get started on the D20 conversion.

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