1. the_blue_jester

    I “stumbled” onto this yesterday, read it from page one, and am hooked. You have no become a permanent homepage tab on my firefox, pure brilliance. It has more questions in it than lost.
    Why are they there? How can Lemmo do a Jesus trick but Aric can’t? What’s the deal with the floating purple ball?
    Well that last one might be something else…

  2. nuclearwhale

    jester, I think the universe in the webcomic is idea based so if lemmo wants to water he can but Aric is too scientific to believe that walking on water is possible.

  3. the_blue_jester

    nuclearwhale, I like it. I am going to forget all about this gravity lark and start flying :-)

  4. Jloopy

    Lemmo is going to have some nicely toned calf muscles after this. Sexy.

  5. Jackson

    This strip raises intriguing questions about the origins of Aric and Lemmo. Did they suddenly appear fully-formed in their blank-slate universe? Or did they have a prior existence that they simply don’t remember? Their world, much like ours, is full of mystery.

    Unlike ours, their world is also full of purple liquid.

  6. them1me1you

    so Jackson, like a prior existance like a fetus? because that would be awesome! adventures of Lemmo and Aric–Fetus edition!

  7. the_blue_jester

    You do know that a fetus is more than likely going to appear now. Out of the purple liquid.
    Curse these blue waters, they look lame now. Our universe sucks!

  8. Renee

    At least Aric is beginning to learn the laws of this universe.

  9. camerbob

    Those are some pretty strong streamers Lemmo has there.

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