In The Drink


  1. DragoNero

    First comment :D

    Aric doesnt have Jesus power!!! But wait! Maybe Aric finds the mini robot? Maybe the purple ocean will devide?! Maybe he can breath underwater!!!!??

    That poses the question: do you need to breath in a universe on infinate nothingness?

  2. McFlury

    I think Aric can’t do so because he doesn’t believe. Very Peter Pan, but I like it :)

  3. Arantor

    He doesn’t believe, but he’s been told he can. It’s because he’s a natural skeptic in all of this, while Lemmo is the natural optimist.

  4. jillybee72

    Don’t forget that Aric is also a fatso.

  5. Dropithecus

    From what I’ve read of the comic so far, I’m thinking Michael Chriton’s Sphere.

  6. Dryopithecus

    Bah, misspelled my name in the last comment.

  7. Worpe

    I think the water’s properties changed, rather than it having to do with Aric himself. In the third frame, Aric was actually preparing to walk on the water…

  8. Teru

    Somehow, I think I saw that coming. Aric is just not cut-out for the believing bit, is he?

  9. Telinicus

    when did the water get that high? and is Aric going to swim twards the source of that Yellow light?

  10. Arantor

    Unless he believed it was deep water – enough to be an ocean and lo, the world was so…

  11. macksting

    We’re about to find out if the purple stuff is hair juice.

  12. Jloopy

    Or it’s grape juice and he can drink he way to safety!

  13. Shardwing

    Maybe he simply chose not to walk on it, his pose as he dives down doesn’t indicate any sort of surprise at having gone down instead of walking.

  14. Kristina

    Actually, the size of the splash indicates full face-down flop into the water. His arms out could be an indication of surprise, or an attempt to catch himself as he went in. Of course, I’m thinking far too logically for this comic. ;3 I haven’t commented in a while, but I’m still rather enjoying this. Can’t wait to see where this adventure is going. x3

  15. aric

    It’s all rather simple. We’re getting you comfortable and familiar with mysterious purple liquids, so it will be much easier for us all to go Jonestown when the time comes.

  16. noisyparker

    Man, drinking the kool-aid is pretty much the simplest part of preparing to get to Jonestown. What about the airfare? And I have to get a bag to hold tiny sizes of shampoo and stuff. Ah, forget it…

  17. macksting

    You know, I’d never really read up on Representative Leo Ryan. You know, the guy who went to Jonestown to investigate conditions and got murdered for it. Interesting guy.
    Turns out he bred. That’s remarkably important to me, not that people breed, but that people who make the world a better place breed. This guy did no shortage of that. Three kids.
    Crazy part? One of his daughters became a Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh follower.

  18. diefenbaker

    I think that the yellow light is the shovel beam.. or what is it?!

  19. macksting

    Secretly? Aric’s Jesus, and they’re in Purgatory.
    Actually, Lemmo, the robots and the bugs are all Jesus, too. Everybody’s Jesus, and in Purgatory.

  20. me1them1you

    Dropithecus — I agree. as I’ve stated earlier, this is incredibly like sphere

  21. me1them1you

    the yellow light could be smoke being emitted from and under-water volcano– which would explain how an island got there, as usually sand and rock don’t just fall into place as an island. of course things seem to fall around here. . .

  22. macksting

    I thought of that, too. Wasn’t sure how seriously to take the idea, but it’s got about the right features… to a point.

  23. Niemi

    You have to remember that Aric’s first experience with the purple water was to sail across it. So for him its liquid and for Lemmo he can walk on it.

  24. Handgunman

    the yellow light is the shovel beam!

  25. socksbot

    why does it look like aric dove into the water?

  26. Kafloobop

    I bet he can’t walk on the purple because he isn’t wearing shoes.

  27. Handgunman

    I think that everything in this world experiences the world only from what they believe about the world, so aric has water, and lemmo has a white plane.

  28. AndysDrawings

    This is exactly like the ending to Lost!

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