In the Palms of Its Hands


  1. Renee

    I love Lemmo’s outlook in all of this. ^_^

  2. King ginger rules

    Just awesome

  3. E_is_for_Eric


    They are going to settle this with ”rock-paper-scissors” or a ”thumb war”.

  4. E_is_for_Eric

    And the cookie kingdom doesn’t have thumbs, and can only make ‘Rock’

  5. Midoriko

    So that’s where they are!

    Lemmo’s optimism could eliminate all war. Clearly he is still thinking of it as a ride. Aric is also thinking of it as a ride, but he’s one of those people who always gets sick and has to sit down afterward.

  6. King ginger rules

    @E_is_for_eric: would glados be involved cos i want my cake
    (cake apears on screen) woo hoo cake hurray for cake

  7. Fedorov92

    Love Lemmo’s facial expression! Aric looks like he’s gonna be sick :P

  8. socksbot

    Lol the E.F.R.A.L is like bring it on and I think the fact that lemmo and Aric assimilated into the robot suports my theory that they r both robots

  9. Brolong

    Why r they in the palms? Did i miss something? If these 2 guys fight, thats gonna b a dangerous place. (why not the head?)

  10. Lipkin

    I hope one of the big brawlers doesn’t step on Aric’s glasses.

  11. Shadows

    At this point I think it’s safe to say that Aric and Lemmo have no, or very little, control of the E.F.R.A.L

  12. Jackson

    Those robots are way organized.

  13. Daniel

    Those robots are WAY awesome.

  14. DefierOfPhysics

    Those robots are *way* too cool for school.

    I’m going to assume there are robots between Aric and the surface of the E.F.R.A.L. as well as between Lemmo and the surface. If they are on the surface, as panel 3 may suggest, it looks like Lemmo got squished in panel 2.

  15. Dr. Juess

    cracking your knuckles
    is bad for you
    giant cookie castles
    dont wear shoes

  16. Michael

    Epic. I hope Aric doesn’t have motion sickness.

  17. Physicsmaster

    Haha Lemmos doing the EXACT same thing I would do.

  18. BlueSox

    HAHA! It looks like raw meat! btw if u look in the 3rd panel you can see where they r, and each in a different hand.. it’s funny how dark parasox is with Aric in a darker shade, and opposite with lemmo!! Haha! ….Which robots r breaking when it does that?

  19. Raron

    my reaction.. “NEW ORDERS! I DON’T WANNA BE A FIST!”

  20. noisyparker

    Well, if it turns out that the best approach is to put its hands on the top of the kingdomatron, separate that part into wee bots again, and attack the actual cookie kingdom rather than battling some body that moves it around, then being in the hands could be okay.
    A’course, the actual best approach depends on How Things Work, and we dunno that, but it is bound to be entertaining, whatever it is!
    I hope King Ginger is still around, since I am fascinated by his terribly-wrong face surface. ^_^7

  21. Physicsmaster

    (Street Fighter Voice)

    Ready… FIGHT!!!

  22. Fedorov92

    I’m confused.. what does E.F.R.A.L. stand for and when did the term appear??

  23. Andi

    Where did Aric’s glasses go? And what does E.F.R.A.L stand for?

  24. E_is_for_Eric

    E.F.R.A.L. = Enormous Fighting Robot of Aric & Lemmo — This was coined on the previous comic, in the comment area.

  25. Ray

    Indeed it was. It kinda makes me happy that I was the one who named it. But no need to get egotistical.

    Especially not at this time, considering how unpleasant that must be for Aric.

  26. lemmo

    You know Ray, it’s not _really_ official until you put it in the Wiki. ;)

  27. lankhmar

    Hey I guessed right…..Or it was made so I was right….

    *sigh* If only.

    Interesting how some bits of the robot are more red then others despite probably having the same concentration of glowy red eyes per square meter of EFRAL surface…… or something.

  28. lankhmar

    on an unrelated note I’ve kinda noticed that Lemmo and aric seem to meet everything in this univers twice….

  29. Physicsmaster

    @lankhmar: if they meet Misty again and Aric were to run into Fergus without Lemmo there then you would b right!!!!!

  30. djeims

    Lemmo is the Yang to Aric’s Yin. Or, uhm, something like that.

  31. Haaaaaaank!

    That looks horrifically painful, yet wonderfully hilarious!

  32. runedeadthA

    @djeims Nice spot! I totally missed that :D Socks and Parasox fufilling the little dots :>

  33. Physicsmaster

    @djeims: Holy S*** your right!!!!!
    I guess that means my Counfusious-based theroy holds some water…

    @runedeadthA: nice Avatar 

  34. boring7

    I have to go with Aric’s reaction, such sudden accelerations are uncomfortable to say the least.

  35. Dran

    Rock paper scissors shoot!!

  36. Dran

    Btw did Aric just get punched when it pounded it’s fist into it’s palm?

  37. Squiggly

    Am I the only one who looked at the 2nd panel and thought of a robot voice saying. “It’s go time.”?

  38. E_is_for_Eric

    I get so anxious waiting for the new strip – I’ve been refreshing every twenty minutes for the last 11 cycles. (It’s 2:20am for me on EST) – When exactly does the site update on Monday and Thursday?

  39. socksbot

    Oh new break in my theory this computer simulation is run on a scale where two subjects are exposed to extreme change in order to see how capable of adapting the two subjects are

  40. Flo

    in the last panel they look like yin and yang symbols.

    I don’t know if anyone else as pointed that out before, just saying.

  41. Tamfang

    I’m stopping this sketch, it’s silly.

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