In the Wake


  1. Foxmouse

    Anyone else unsettled by Lemmo’s hair? A jet just took off and those three clumps are still pointy. What’s keeping them in place, super glue? That’s some awesome lift.

  2. OI!

    HIS HAT FELL OFF OH NO!!!!!…… and those three point are extremely pointy and the boogly eyed chick poofed from….. a Jet engine, or at least i hope its an airplane…

  3. macksting

    Oi: Yeah, I noticed the hat fell off.
    As to the googly eyed chick, I reckon we’ve been calling her Misty for now. She’s been about for a few comics, and her origin (for our purposes) is near the shovel beam.

  4. joebobs0n

    ya know, if you cut that “jet” in half, you’d probably find a really rude insect pilot :P

  5. Ray

    What I’m wondering is HOW could she have been following him? If I’m correct, she only came into existence just recently.

  6. macksting

    What’s your theory, Ray?

  7. TheBananaFish

    Misty (if hat is indeed what we’re calling her) seems quite shaken by this recent event. Well, I would be too, if a jet took off through my body, but it seems as if she either didn’t expect it or didn’t expect Lemmo to take it in such stride. Either way, she appears to be unfamiliar with the sponteneity of this universe. That’s my interpretation anyway. It could just be a breaking of the fourth wall (as she is looking at “us”) with comedic intent.

    And joebobs0n, you’d actually find two bugs. One really rude insect pilotting another slightly less rude (or simply less talkative) insect. And maybe duplicates of each, as the “fly” split in half, and in one of the previous strips the jet did appear to have two distinct pods.

  8. Lemmo

    I’ve said it before but it bears repeating, we’re not going to break the fourth wall in this comic, I personally believe it would invalidate the story.

  9. Jet

    I’m pretty sure Misty is just staring out after the ‘jet’ (since she’s looking at it in the 2nd last panel). I would too if something just flew through me.

    Incidentally, since the bugs were piloted by bugs, wouldn’t the jet be piloted by a sentient jet inside of another jet?

  10. joebobs0n

    no i don’t think the jet would be flown by another smaller jet with a personality… do you forget what place we’re in? nothing makes sense. so perhaps they’re not flown at all :O

  11. boring7


  12. Gram

    Not ‘where did that road come from?’ or ‘was that a jet?’ but ‘how long have you been following me?’

    MBizzle, how would one correctly punctuate the above sentence fragment?

  13. Ray

    @MackSting: My theorey is just one that I got from reading the comments: She came into existance out of Lemmo’s desire for an audience.

  14. Megan

    my coworker asked me about “lame-o’s” hair before I had a chance to read the strip. I socked him on the arm (with a fox) and told him it’s “LEMmo” and that sadly I had not witnessed the awesomeness that is his hair.

  15. Ziggy Stardust

    I am curious what this conversation will reveal, whether it will finally answer some nagging questions or if it will merely raise more. Whatever happens, I’m sure it’ll be a laugh!
    I hope Lemmo puts his hat on, it’s weirding me out seeing him without it. I also hope that girl calms down- she looks a bit wild and in need of comforting.

  16. macksting

    Ray: I’m inclined to disagree with this interpretation of the comics so far. I suspect, insofar as we can trace her to anything but the whimsy of the authors, that her origins are the same as those of all the Unsettlers (or Adumbrates, as another here put it), which would place it near the Shovel Beam. However, I cannot speak as an authority on this matter.

  17. Sqverl

    It may sound strange, but in my opinion Misty is actually Aric… I mean, everything that disappears has something to replace it… And I don’t see Aric for 4 strips already… after the cookie monster ate him… so… My theory is that cookie monster collects everything, that is material in this universe… the problem is… where do all the new things come from then… With everything said, i came to a conclusion… This universe is cookie monsters stomach… Which sounds crazy, but i’m a programmer, so i like recursion…

  18. macksting

    I’ll file it away as an untested hypothesis.

  19. them1me1you

    I appreciate the use of my name “adumbrates”

  20. MBizzle

    @Gram That’s probably the best you’ll get, though I’d capitalize the first letter of each quoted question.

    Not “Where did that road come from?” or “Was that a jet?” but “How long have you been following me?”

  21. switch

    That certainly rates in the top ten for most awkward first encounters. And Lemmo, shame on you for not asking if *Misty is OK. She just got hit BY A ROAD and seconds later run over by a jet. That would be enough to unsettle even an Unsettler.

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