1. macksting

    Hmm. Speculation time.
    1. Because arms should not be made of wood.
    2. Because it means his pet isn’t harmless to him.
    3. He’s left-handed in one respect or another.

    That’s my first three.

  2. Parrot

    Aric repeats himself a lot. XD

  3. Lipkin

    Question is, is it now immobile?

  4. Monkeypants

    Why is Lemmo so calm? :D

  5. Ray

    If it’s immobile, this is horrifying. If it’s not, this is awesome!

  6. Yogurt?

    What are those lines on the back ground?

  7. Yogurt?

    And I think he can move the arm because he open his hand.
    What I want to know is whather that will spread.

  8. Jackson

    I’ve got your three reasons right here:

  9. Greyryder

    Oh no! His shirt sleeve’s gotten torn up!

    And then, there’s the arm thing, too.

  10. NoriMori

    Lol, “oop”. Normally I hate “oop” as opposed to “oops”, but for Lemmo I’ll make an exception. :)

  11. HappyHead

    I notice the smoke in the background. (Starts in panel 2, lots in panel 3.)
    Perhaps one of the three reasons is because he now has more to worry about from fire?

  12. Defier of Physics

    I like the way the hand is drawn, especially the wood grain around the knuckles.

    Aric must be angry, since the conversation in the last strip shows Lemmo completely not registering Aric’s warning in the strip before.

    To prevent this from spreading, they may need to… amputate! Dun dun DUN!!!! That would be a lot more suspenseful if *this* hadn’t already happened.


    So, normally I’d hail Lemmo’s transition from wattery blob substance to wooden substance as a welcome change… except for the fact that something seems to be on fire…

  14. macksting

    And seems to have got progressively more on fire from panel 1 to panel 3.

  15. Thanatos

    OH NO! Lemmo is turning into a warning sign!

  16. wonderboy

    they’re in grass. like, in a lawn or something, just really small. and eth arm thing? totally awesome if he could change its shape

  17. Renee

    Ah, I’m not the only one who noticed the fog/smoke rolling in.

  18. MultiversalInk

    Hm. I wonder if Hand juice will work on this.

    I’m also kind of worried about the smoke in the background and the fact that the plants seem a bit droopy.

  19. Raron

    Hmmm this is worrisome because they just got done breaking a bunch of wood.

  20. Xajek

    Ooh, thats different.

  21. Minando

    Reminds me on a famous quote, i think it´s from Nietzsche:
    `He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. `
    And that´s why Lemmo turns into a treant.

  22. Couldahadav8

    I’m starting to miss the Canvas universe! And Socks :(

  23. Baron Loki

    Am I the only one who thinks that the mist just might be one (or more) of the residents of the beam-hamlet? Or would that be stretching it?

  24. MarshmallowRadiation

    What I hope: this isn’t a completely new universe, the last one wasn’t explainded enough
    the fog rolling in is the smoke people and Misty getting angry at them for naming her
    that they’ll find the broken hand juice machine and get some to fix Lemmo’s predicament.

  25. MarshmallowRadiation

    And lastly, Lemmo’s arm isn’t immobile. His hand is closed in the second panel but open in the third.

  26. lyokowarirtitan

    1 he is now combustible.
    2 he has a permanent wood.
    3 he has no idea where the hand soda machine is.

  27. Kip

    Actually the interesting thing here is, as seen in previous strips they are still essentally “goo” and are able to manifest themselves into their current forms. Now are the “wood lice” “Hijacking” Lemo, by imposing their own will on Lemo’s form? Also what happened to the “voice”?

  28. LinkCable

    My BlankIt book finally arrived and it’s full of WIN! *0*

  29. Timeline

    I see a return of the shovel beam is in order.

    In addition, the plants look like they are forming a face, almost as if the plants are controlled by a single ill-willing entity.

  30. Socksbot

    I see it as awesome but i just might be crazy

  31. GodOfAwesome

    A serving of Hand Juice, anyone? :D

  32. Lantash

    I also see a face in the plants of the last pic. Mist/smoke/fire.who knows!
    still loving it, i keep coming back to blankit very glad to have found it

  33. MarshmallowRadiation

    Wait a minute- Lemmo’s wood hand only has three fingers (not including the thumb as a finger, of course)

  34. Jaz

    oh lemmo. your reaction to your hand becoming a price of firewood because your new pet is evil is why you are my favorite. but don’t tell aric. he’ll do that foot-in-the-air-FATALITY-mega-epic-shovel-smash to me. I’ve heard he’s a skilled hitter with thongs. I have a cousin who has a doctor in that field! -jaz

  35. Spencey

    I hope he doesn’t get a splinter.

  36. Glo

    Were all the signs once people-ish of some sort? I would feel even worse for smashing them, then. If Lemmo turned into a sign, I wonder what he would warn of.

  37. Fesworks


  38. them1me1you

    i just read the entire adventures from start to now. and it is the best thing EVER!

  39. ThisIsNotDan

    “Lemmo! Danger!” cries Aric as he runs toward Lemmo past the “Beyond here lies danger” sign.

    Just wanted to throw that one out there so it wouldn’t go unnoticed.

  40. RaRa

    i think the black smokey lines are from a wind, cause you can see the grass bending in the background

  41. boring7


  42. aric

    Oh no! You guys! The smoke monster from Lost is coming! I called it!

  43. Mcpoofypencil

    Where’s today’s comic?

  44. Jaz

    ok. well, SORRY ABOUT MY COMMENT!! I thought I fixed that typo. THONGS should be THINGS, just to let all of you know. …and sorry to all of you that got perverted thoughts reading it. and yes, I just noticed the typo now. DONT HURT ME!! -jaz

  45. UFOboy

    WHAT do i say? symbiotic. He can still move his arm, but now, he has something to light on fire in case of surprise caves. As well as something to widdle in boredom based emergencies. OR he can hit someone with a very hard wooden FIST or block someone’s weak flesh fist with a wooden arm. Wood is very useful….. as long as it doesn’t spread.

  46. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    @Jaz: your first comment absolutely cracked me up!! I didn’t notice it said thongs till you said something about it, so I went back and read it!! I was rofling…

     where is today’s comic?!?

  47. Mcpoofypencil

    Hurry up the comic for today!

  48. Bub

    I am loving the title!

  49. Mcpoofypencil

    New comic please!

  50. Lemmo

    Sorry about the day-late comic, guys. I’m finishing it up now.

  51. Glo

    No problemo, late comics happen. We’re just glad to have them when they get here. :D

  52. M

    @monkeypants if u read the whole series, Lemmo loses his hand and he dosen’t care.

  53. CicadaFightsViking


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