1. Greyryder

    Does this mean they’re close to Aric’s shoes and socks? Perhaps? I’d think he’s getting tired of going around barefoot.

  2. Renee

    Nooo! They abandoned the hat! Poor hat. Oh, well. At least he’s got that droid there to keep him company.

  3. Jethro Rayne

    I bet that the hat is bait, or the robots are collecting their departed clothes for cloning or character emulation! (Aric’s bot-clone for instance) Yes it’s late and this is my first comment on here, so it’s going to be a little weird. :D Love the comic though.

  4. penguinbassist

    Does anyone else smell conspiracy theory?? ^.^

  5. Megan

    Actually, Jethro, that’s not too far from what I was thinking. The scene reminded me of the carrot under a box with a stick holding it up.. and the string tied to the stick…

  6. me.vicky

    Dang, that puts the kibosh on a LOT of our theories :)

    And, creepy little robot moment. It freaks me out.


    Well well well… It seems as though the little robots are responsible for some crazy things, and they live in the underworld…

    I wonder if they were disturbed by the light emitting from the Shovelbeam that’s penetrated down there…

  8. mur?

    I thought the ground led to the immediate sky above so all these droids really above them… some indeterminable distance…

  9. Fedorov92

    I likewise smelled a trap… I also wonder if socks might be making a reappearance some time soon?

  10. Ray

    Well, well. It looks like this universe DOESN’T have it’s own theories. It’s just got tiny little robots who live in the ground. Reminds me of the species that is known as a trap-door spider.

    So does this mean that the robots took Sox? Still, where did the replacement items come from? I doubt the robots could’ve just gotten them out of nowhere.

    And what’s a kibosh?? Some sort of spear-thiny-mabob.

  11. them1me1you

    I love it when stories have plot twists that reference things that happened in the past of the story!

  12. Lipkin

    So what if all the things that have disappeared have been taken by the robots, and all the things that have appeared have been placed there by the same robots?

  13. Aelfay

    I think the robots are Socks’ minions. At least, I’m hoping the robots are Socks’ minions. Because that would be awesome.

  14. Bryan

    O.o what craftsmanship!
    you can’t even see the seams where the hatch is when it’s closed!

  15. Megan

    HEY Btw guys–BlankIt is in a “tastefully done” calendar benefitting cancer research! It features Aric and Lemmo (tastfully) Nekkid!!! Don’t worry.. the girls from GWS are nekkid too. Clicky:

  16. Da Mighty Camel

    That looks like on huge hat (panel 3).

  17. Kudzuisedible

    I’m new here, this week, and still working through the archive. Unfortunately, Megan’s link two comments up is no longer working. ‘Guess the calendars all sold out. Congratulations, Aric and Lemmo, on a really great web comic.

  18. Kudzuisedible

    Where’s that pesky avatar?

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