1. WeeGoblin

    We’ve had a palm tree on an island in the middle of a purple lagoon, I suppose the next step is to pave the world with roads. I just hope the drive(?) on the left like proper people ;)

  2. Psi

    It’s the on the right side over here, but looks like the road has a broken center line so I guess it wouldn’t matter much.

  3. Ray

    Oh dear. No her literal transparency(Not that she has an figurative transparency.) must be put to the test… I hope this ends well.

  4. Jackson

    A girl! And she’s pretty! Give her a name, Lemmo!

    I like that, owing to the interruptions, Lemmo just ends up asking her if she’s “been.” A valid question with any of the Unsettlers.

  5. macksting

    I think he may have been trying to ask if she’s “been” following him, but the bouncing road has been drowning it out.

  6. TheBananaFish

    Countries that drive on the left of the road do so because most are right handed, and in medeival times warriors rode on the left so they were positioned correctly to lop people’s heads off if the need arrised. So technically those who drive on the left are barbaric, and those who drive on the right are attempting to shed their barbaric and murderous past.

    And I think we’re overlooking a major point. She knows his name already. Is she Pericles’ doughter? Maybe she witnessed the naming and wants to become focused as well? Whatever it is, hopefully she crushed within the next few seconds.

  7. Ziggy Stardust

    In reading this, I said ‘Oh shit’ out loud. Luckily my family takes it for granted that I am insane already.
    @BananaFish: Didn’t he say, ‘I’m Lemmo, what’s your name?’ in the presence of all of the other smoke-people? They must have heard him, he does not seem the type to talk quietly.

  8. TheBananaFish

    @Ziggy Stardust: You are correct sir (m’am?). That kinda blows my shock factor out of the water. But again, why would an unsettler want with someone that turned one of her townsfolk solid?

    Oh! Maybe sox is female (was this already addressed? I need to reread up to this point) and she made another transformation into an unsettler.

    And what is Lemmo asking? Have you been following me? …there long? …named? …to the purple sea?

  9. macksting

    I suppose some sir/ma’am confusion might be a very everyday problem for Ziggy Stardust, if the namesake is any indication.
    God I love Bowie.

    So much closure we must wait for! Life is, I suppose it is as Sartre, a series of waitings for waitings for waitings, and its ending renders all of it absurd. If I die on Thursday, will it be of any meaning that I wished to know what Lemmo’s question was going to be? Yet we seek closure, an end to a waiting which is itself only part of a greater waiting to see another ending.
    I’m overthinking this. :)

  10. Foxmouse

    “Have you been–”

    “Yes, after breakfast.”

    Ah ha… Python wit.

  11. Arantor

    Overthinking… FOR SCIENCE!

    Seriously, though, the real question is whether that road will flatten either or both of them.

  12. maglorius

    I think the girl is Pericles Van Mudgett’s girlfriend. She’s been following Lemmo, because she wants a name so she can be with her beloved Pericles. The road? It must be the road to true love! I suspect it’s bumpy.

  13. aric

    I love the theories.

  14. Jackson

    I don’t think either one of them is going to be hit by the unfolding road…they appear to be standing just to the side of its path.

  15. maglorius

    This reminds me of a song: the long and winding road…I mean, the long and wound up road?

  16. Niemi

    2 things: One I like that in the previous comic she was almost completely out of focus, but now that she has Lemmo’s attention she has gotten less fuzzy. Two we are all forgetting the fact that Aric is being mauled by a giant cookie, probably dunking him in milk as we speak.

  17. maglorius

    Niemi wrote “we are all forgetting the fact that Aric is being mauled by a giant cookie, probably dunking him in milk as we speak.”

    I think next time we see Aric he will be licking his chops with chocolate bits stuck between his teeth. I imagine the cookiedood was screaming “EAT ME! EAT ME! EAT. MEEEEE!”

  18. Leo the Leon

    What ever happened to socks, the cute lil foot fox?

  19. boring7

    Sock will not be appearing again until we stop asking about it.

    Or so I assume. Moving on, the lass has an interesting dress. The one-shoulder approach usually calls to my mind greek/roman fashion, but the rest says a more anglo approach.

  20. lemmo

    Fox fox fox!

  21. switch

    So much for my machete-weilding Unsettler assassin theory.

  22. Radio365

    Ah yes! The old portable runway trick.

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