INT: Crossing Wires


  1. Flo

    ha ha, that last panel is just awesome. that’s guy looks familiar though.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    hahaha! I like his paranoia in the first panel.

  3. macksting

    Him peeking around the door reminds me of Nny from Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. Just a little, and in a good way.

    Yes, now I’ve compared Lemuel Pew’s and Aric McKeown’s comic both to Calvin & Hobbes and to Johnny the Homicidal Maniac. I think these folks may be among the masters.

  4. Ray

    Lol, whatever you say “Mr-Not-Captain-Phenomenal”.

  5. Al Capone

    Omg @macksting: indeed they are the masters. If a book was released eith all of the blank it comics and the intermission ones too, it would make a fortune!!! :D

  6. ThisIsNotDan

    And yet it makes me wonder…IS he Captain Phenomenal? There’s still a chance he might not be.

  7. Shinlink

    Maybe he has a twin, or multiple personalities.

  8. Kerosine

    When is the real blank it comics comin back

  9. cheetaboy7

    They said they’d start the next chapter/story/thing of BlankIt after about a month. I’d expect it will start up again in late June.

  10. Fire arms

    Sooooooooooooooo convincing my friend and reeeeeeeeaaaaaaal smooth no way he will realize who you really are now, their is just no way…

  11. Michael M. M.

    i’m liking the new story. this should be interesting.


    I like that Mr. Not Captain Phenomenal addresses the man at the door as Paul, but Paul just refers to him as “neighbor.” The awkward glasses re-adjusting pause was grand.

  13. vengerofthelight


    *smashes stamp of approval on new series*

  14. Kerosine

    Haha lol his other secret identiny (sorry for spelling) is scooby doo….. I can tell from the last comic

  15. matt b

    It does remind me of calvin and hobbes! *2nd stamp `o` approval

  16. omgwatwasdat

    lol dat was awsome

  17. omgwatwasdat

    oh yea i changed mah name from kerosine

  18. Defier of Physics

    Paranoia makes people do the darndest things. Like those tree-climbing mammals who become so afraid of predators that they run down the trees to where the predators can get them. Panic: much more dangerous than whatever you’re afraid of.

  19. cheetaboy7

    I give this new series the waffle stamp of “Good by itself, better with syrup.”

    Looks good so far, but i miss the color.

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