INT: Demon in a Bottle


  1. Kalatash

    I like the lawnmower dude. He should talk to him, since he doesn’t really care about the superhero thing, at least right now. He just needs a freaking lawnmower.

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    hahaha… I approve Paul. I approve.

    I thought he was breaking his own neck in the third panel at first glance. Then I paid more attention to panels two and four (and the title). I think that Xanax is very accurately prescribed, especially after the last hour of this guys life.

  3. JustMelt

    He fell asleep? Does that mean the story will continue? grate comic, really love it :)

  4. cheetaboy7

    He just took 2 XANAX. think it will kill him or give him superpowers?

  5. Al Capone

    If hes invulnerable, pills cant kill him. Therefore; pills should have no effect. An overdose is just the normal amount plus however many he took so if the overdose wont kill him, no medication should work.

  6. Jaz

    Give him the flipping lawnmower! At least that’s one guy off youur front step. … Wait, is this guy going suicidal?? Come on, you’re a superhero! You’ve faced worse things than a crowd at your door, right? At least claim that you were a bypasser at the wrong place at the wrong time!

  7. Jaz

    Wait…I just noticed, which way does te door open? In the one before, it opened outward, but now he shut it like it opened inward. Oo! Is it one of those awesome doors that open both ways?

  8. Ray

    Poor guy. The entire town’s delusional, and he may be too.

  9. Benji

    I’m gonna laugh if he actually isn’t Captain Phenominal

  10. Thanatos

    @Al Capone — hey, all superheros are supposed to have their weaknesses. Maybe his is Xanax. Maybe it is the one thing that his superhuman body can be affected by!!!

  11. socksbot

    1.the top 2. It’s very difficult I don’t 4.why would I be 5. Screw you you broke it last time <—– best possible answers

  12. socksbot

    – Olympic question

  13. Renee

    The grass isn’t going to cut itself. Which it should, since they’re all blade, anyway.

  14. Ezra

    Pshaw, he just gonna gets sleepy. Either way, we still have a little while before Blank It returns, and I’m pretty sure they aren’t gonna do a bunch of strips about this guy dying.

  15. Flo

    aw, poor cap! he was so busy saving others, no one bothered saving him.

    okay, that sounded horribly cheesy but true.

  16. Defier of Physics

    I like Paul. He’s very down-to-earth.

    Also, the door opens outward. It was open outward in the previous strip as well as the other strips. In that first panel, Walt must have slammed the door and then leaned up against it.

    Based on panel 2, he’s not overdosing and is not dying. He took the Xanax to help deal with this anxiety.

    Also, there is still the possibility of this being a dream sequence — not of Lemmo, but of Walter. He could wake up from this nightmare any moment. However, I think Paul is going to make the crowd go away and help Captain Phenomenal through this time of exposure.

  17. Al Capone

    @ Thanatos: Why xantax though? If that is his weakness, the different elements and compounds in it should also weaken him and why would he be taking his weakness pills? Seeing as superman’s weakness was either one element or onr mineral, only one thing in the pill should effect him and therefore he should stay away from that ingridient for the rest of his life. Its convinient that his weakness is a common medication so he can use it. But he wouldnt need it, as he is supposedly invulnerable.

    @ everybody: we dont know what his powers are yet!!!!

  18. MarshmallowRadiation

    Hello… Sudden… Dark… Turn…

    I mean, suicide? THIS IS FREAKING BLANKIT!

  19. MarshmallowRadiation

    Either that or xantax makes him turn into Captain Phenomenal like Thor’s Hammer, so that’s why he isn’t aware that he’s Captain Phenomenal.

  20. Jacob

    He might know he can’t die from overdose. Then again, the fact that he’s trying anyway…

    … actually, who says he can’t?

  21. E_is_for_Eric

    Just to make it clear, Xanax is an anti-anxiety medication. All of the “excitement” he’s had to deal with recently would create plenty of anxiety in anyones life. — He’s not going to overdose just because he took two pills. He’s not trying to kill himself… he’s just trying to relax.

    If Lemmo were dead (and thankfully he’s not) – he’d be rolling over in his grave because of of some of the way we perceive what is happening.

  22. cheetaboy7

    Wow, your explanation makes my comment seem stupid. Oh well.

  23. Omgwatwasdat

    Maybe it’s like dr. Jekyl and mr. Hyde…… I mean if he did commit suicide …. Who the hell would save the town every freaking five minutes!!!!!!

  24. Omgwatwasdat

    And you stop a tornado with masrhmallows

  25. Sampson

    Actually, medication should be able to work on an invincible body if that body also requires food. Negative side-affects of the medication would not occur however. Most medications of the type shown in the comic are simply a certain compound that balances out a deficiency in the body. So if his body is able to absorb the chemicals from food, it should be able to absorb the compounds from medicine without worry of negative affects because the aspect of the medication that does that would not be absorbed. In fact, its more shocking that an invincible body would have a deficiency to begin with. He may actually need the xanax as little as we need down time to rest our bodies or as much as we need water to live, who knows.

  26. Sampson

    however, I don’t think it was the intention of the artist to cause such a stir about whether or not he can or cannot do or take certain things, the dude has anxiety, and all these people are fucking frustrating, and he wants to relax, thus, xanax.

    Xanax should use that as a catchphrase: Wanna relax? Take Xanax!

  27. matt b

    anxiety and panic? i’m no doc but i think he would want it right now.

  28. cheetaboy7

    I think I’m the one who started the talk about pills…

  29. E_is_for_Eric


    Technically, I acknowledged the Xanax first. However, you were the first to ask if we thought it would kill him or give him superpowers. — Xanax isn’t going to kill him… Although, it is fun to entertain the thought of him gaining superpowers from taking Xanax.

  30. Omgwatwasdat

    What if the Xanax thing was an ad???? Well…. It would be a really bad ad…. If he is suicidel….. But mabye it’s some doc Johnson old time elixer with Xanax taped on it

  31. Omgwatwasdat

    I think he should give Paul the lawnmower before he goes swepy bye

  32. bluesox

    Haha, still stuck on the lawnmower

  33. MarshmallowRadiation

    OrFOr maybe the guy isn’t lying, he isn’t Captain Phenomenal at all, the media made a mistake, and Captain Phenomenal will appear and help the guy with his predicament.

  34. Omgwatwasdat

    Idk guess we’ll hav to wait for the next one :-/

  35. vengerofthelight

    Showing the superhero’s human side. Call me crazy, but I’m pretty sure that’s all this strip is intended to do. The Captain’s life isn’t easy just because he has superpowers.

  36. M

    Hum. I’m confuzzled. The next strip shows no signs of him turning into captain phenomenal or him weakening-kaput on a fee theories. He still seems stressed in the next strip-guess they weren’t very helpful…

  37. M

    Sorry, typo. *few

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