INT: More Callers


  1. Michael

    Ah, parents. Mine would totally have the same reaction.
    By the way, what does the “INT” mean? Interruption? Interception? Intermission?

  2. J-Web

    Love his face in the second panel!

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    @Michael INT=Intermission

    I really like the art in this strip. I mean, honestly, I always like your drawings Lemmo; but this strip is really appealing to me today.


  4. Frances

    I love this story arc!!

  5. Ray

    Hey look: Parents!

  6. Mackie Stingray

    I wonder if he really isn’t a superhero. It would be rather embarrassing.

  7. Chados

    Despite the story in the paper, nobody seems to know he’s a superhero. If he is…


    @ Chados – His parents do, that’s why his dad said it’d take him 2 seconds to clean the gutters. ;) (Still wondering if he is though)

  9. Physicsmaster

    @Chados: it might just be that his neighbor hasn’t read the paper yet.

  10. Evan

    J-Web: I love his face as well. But c’mon, TWO seconds for someone to clean gutters? Even a *superhero* couldn’t do THAT! *cough* He’s Captain Phenomenal *cough*

  11. Defier of Physics

    Something about Walter’s father amuses me, although it may be due to the raspy, grouchy voice I have associated with him. Walter’s mother seems so nice, although she also seems like the kind of person I would get annoyed with after spending 10 seconds in a room with her. What voices have other people imagined?

  12. Vlad

    What happened to the place that was all white with only things that were needed, not needed, and things apearing when they were wondered about!

  13. cheetaboy7

    I take back what I said, color is nice but the extra detail from the pencil drawings is awesome! In the first panel the background and the guys mom look great. I can see a smiley face in the plate. =)

  14. Flo

    I really want to know his superpowers. I’m guessing the regular order, ya know, super strength, maybe flying, being invincible, stuff like that.

  15. ashsprout

    I think that dude is just paranoid. And his identity is not in the paper. Is this a dream? I’m liking it so far!

  16. Omgwatwasdat

    Lol I think this is a dream sequens that lemmo and/or Aric are dreaming since dey asweep

  17. E_is_for_Eric

    It’s not a dream. It’s been established multiple times that this is not a dream sequence.

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