INT: Others’ Secrets


  1. J-Web

    I don’t think the xanex are helping…

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    “I see you like to chew. Maybe you should chew… ON MY FIST!”

  3. JeffreyRIOT

    I’m excited for blank it to start back up, but it also kind of sucks we won’t get to see this story unfold.

  4. Giroro

    Wow, that’s a lot of fist.

  5. dchorror

    See, this is why I’m not telling my brother about my super powers.

  6. LukeSmith


  7. JeffreyRIOT

    I think he may have a love for fist

  8. Al Capone

    I bet his fist is yummy! :P i want some!!!

  9. Ray

    So, someone snitched his secret. Or lied. Hmm….

  10. cheetaboy7

    Fist sandwich? Not a knuckle sandwich?

    Wow lots of comments and its early morning. Looks like you got a hit here Lemmo. =D

  11. cyber95

    Would you like fist with that?

  12. RGSwan

    But wait, call in the next 10 minutes, and we’ll even throw in ANOTHER FIST! ABSOLUTELY FREE!

  13. Jaz

    RGSswan: haha!! I wish I couldve thought of that!!

    I really love the last panel, especially the fist thing…and the epic face. I like the angry side of this guy instead of his suicidal side.

  14. Flo

    betcha 10 to 1 his brother turns into a supervillian.

  15. Omgwatwasdat

    Lol Kung Fu panda:3

  16. Omgwatwasdat

    I wonder if it’s better than a KFC double down

  17. Math_Mage

    Don’t forget the fist punch.

  18. cheetaboy7

    Captain Falcon – PUNCH!!!
    Captain Phenomenal – PUNCH!!!

  19. Ezra

    Say, mister, do you wanna buy some girl scout fists?

  20. Defier of Physics

    “I think you’ll enjoy the recognition” does make Terry sound like a supervillian in the making.

    Also, The Captain was careful, when overcome by the need to clench his fist in frustration, to clench the fist NOT holding the phone.

    The town got that billboard up quickly without him noticing. If I was an aspiring supervillian, I would definitely hire those contractors to build my secret lair. I could have it built directly outside the mayor’s office and no one would even notice.

  21. Bluesox

    Yes, that does sound enjoyable.. Is fist a new flavor?

  22. MarshmallowRadiation

    Odd way to end the story, but at least we get to see more BlankIt next week.

  23. Fedorov92

    “And would you like to supersize that fist today?”

  24. E_is_for_Eric

    @MarshmallowRadiation – Maybe, maybe not. They may run this until the end of June and start the Blankit strips back up in July. – Lemmo did say they were going to take a month break, and may have been referring to June rather than just a four week hiatus.

  25. Escadia

    Aww… That kinda cinches that he is a hero. I had been privately holding out for him just being a regular guy with a case of mistaken identity.

  26. Omgwatwasdat

    I wonder if there’s going to be another intermision after chapter 2:-3. That would be cool:-)))))))))))

  27. Omgwatwasdat

    FAWLCON PAWNCH!!!!!!!!

  28. Daniel

    These are great and all, but am I the only one who thinks that these uncolored comics are a bit ‘busy’?
    Like, for me, sometimes I skip over a panel without really looking at all the detail in it, because there’s so many lines etc. and my brain sorta doesn’t deal with it all.
    Not because of how it’s drawn, so this isn’t a complaint to Lemmo, I think it’s because of two reasons.
    ONE because the Blank-It comics were, for the most part, rather spacious and open, with the detail being focused on the people and items, and the rest of the panel pretty much giving you a clear wide view of the Canvas. Which is, as canvases go, rather blank.

    TWO because they aren’t colored, it’s harder to see details and objects. Not because it’s drawn poorly or anything like that, because I like these and they’re drawn rather well. Just because it’s white and black lines.

    Anyway this got to be a long post. Just pointing this out, does anyone else have this problem sometimes? For me, today, it was reading the third panel that really bothered me.

  29. Defier of Physics

    There are a lot of lines, but I like the detail. It helps that the outlines are inked thicker and darker than the other lines. I don’t typically have a problem with reading these, and the shading and texture add to the experience.

    That said, the third panel is rather busy, but he’s throwing newspaper around in anger! I applaud Lemmo for being able to capture this chaos. I can practically hear the papers rustling as they fly across the room!

  30. Froggy

    I would like to bring up the possible theory that Terry is his twin and infact Terry is cap’n phenom. But the town is mistaking his twin brother. Maybe..

  31. E_is_for_Eric

    @Froggy – that’s brilliant!

    Makes good sense too. Terry would have always been popular and getting attention and Walter would have always been an outcast and probably without many friends. (With this line of thought it really ties in the line, “I think you’ll enjoy the recognition.”)

    – I also like the theory of Terry being a super-villain though.

  32. Enigma

    So… the original adventure is over?

  33. Musicluvr

    And for just 54 cents extra, we can supersize your fist to a Deluxe Fist, complete with sandwich, sauce, side, and a large cherry coke.

  34. M

    Can I point out that if ‘someone talked to the press’ instead of ‘someone lied to the press’ sort of implies that Walter is Captain Phenomenal!

  35. M

    @Daniel Yeah, it took me ages to notice the Xanax tablets a couple of strips ago

  36. Omgwatwasdat

    Idk I think I’ll taaaaaake…….. The fist.

  37. ThisIsNotDan

    I agree with Daniel on this one comic: it’s a bit liney. The other intermission comics have been pretty good, but this one is tough to follow (although it DOES add to the “chaotic” theme, which is kind of cool if that turns out to have been intentional). I think having the walls lined instead of just objects like the door and table is a bit too much.

  38. vengerofthelight

    I confess that the “supervillain in the making” thought had crossed my mind, and was enjoyable… but I rather prefer Terry being Cpt. Phenom., even if it never occurred to me. >.>
    Though M does make an excellent point regarding Walter’s diction.


    As for the art, I haven’t had the same problem, but there are differences (as well as similarities) in how people process information of different types, so… meh.

  39. NoriMori

    LOL!! “And I think you would enjoy a fist sandwich with extra fist sauce and a side order of fist.”


    Lemmo, Aric, don’t you ever let this comic end! If you do, I will hunt you down and…do something!!! I dunno what yet! Maybe I’ll give you a complementary fist sandwich with extra fist sauce and a side order of fist!! XD!!!!!

  40. NoriMori

    Since I first read this, a Cyanide & Happiness strip has come out that this reminded me of.


  41. ripoutyouheart

    Damn thats a lot of fist.I KNOW!He needs handjuice!That way when he punches his brother,he’l have fists on his fists!

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