INT: Phenomenal News


  1. Midoriko

    I am already intrigued and excited!

    (Is Captain Phenomenal like Stupendous Man)

  2. Mackie Stingray

    If he’s making the front page of the paper, he’s nothing like Stupendous Man.
    Damn. Now I need to reread all my Calvin & Hobbes.
    But meanwhile I’ll be enjoying this.

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    Interest has been piqued. This guy looks like Pericles. Just saying.

    Oh my god! The explosion didn’t kill Pericles – it sent him to a different plane of existence where he happens to be a superhero powered by shovels!

  4. Sillytwist

    @E_is_for_Eric : Holy crap you could be right, Not too bad of an idea either. This is what happens when u die in Blank It you get transfered to another demension that has already started and u just poof in the middle of your life story or something like that.

  5. Colbo

    @E_is_for_Eric: He also looks a little like Aric without his glasses. could be a dream?

  6. Ray

    So, superheroes are coming into the story now?…. AWESOME!! :D

    But yeah, is it part of today’s comic’s style, or has this comic not been coloured yet?

  7. Kalatash

    …it sounds like his second secret identity is that of Scooby Doo.

  8. Musicluvr

    Well I am intrigued. Sounds like a pretty good comic idea.

  9. magic-esi

    I think it is Aric. Either this is a dream, or Blank-It is another universe which is entered through dreams and Aric’s name for this universe is Walter.

    I hope not.

  10. Fat Badger

    Well it is clearly Aric I mean… Walter Karik, K(Arik) Only difference is the K instead of C but mjeh.

  11. Fat Badger

    Unless ofcourse this is a filler story.

  12. John

    This is clearly the story of the characters if the transition to the Canvas never happened, kind of like a Lost ‘flash-sideways’.

  13. vengerofthelight

    Ugh. Lost.

    My guess: new comic. It may or may not be tangenitally related to the Canvas story, but it’s also just as likely -not- related. Either way, I’m sure it will be of excellent quality. These guys have already proven to us that they do good work.

  14. Chameliondude

    Just caught up from the beginning, got the app a few days ago, it’s well good, great comic…

    I think this ones definatly a dream, different art just after they went to sleep, and superheroes.

    Keep it up, lovin it…. <3

  15. E_is_for_Eric

    @Sillytwist and Colbo — I was being facetious. It would make for a fun plot line, but as Aric and Lemmo have both stated Chapter(volume) 1 of the Blankit story is finished. And this intermission strip has nothing to do with the blankit universe at all.

    @Everyone else — Straight from Lemmo: Aric and I have wrapped up Blank It Volume 1. In the meantime, we’re taking a pseudo-break, where we’re doing a simple, pencil drawn, completely NOT BLANK IT related story. It will run for 8 strips (4 weeks), and then we’ll launch back into Blank It.

    — There is no dreaming here. There is no blankit tie in here. It’s a separate entity. The sooner we get that understood the sooner we no longer need to worry about Lemmo having an anuerysm.

  16. Defier of Physics

    @vengerofthelight: I concur. Also, I love the setting. Captain Phenomenal of Capital Town who is an environmental lawyer, soup kitchen volunteer, and blood donor.

    Who could be at the door? Could it be Captain Phenomenal’s arch nemesis? *gasp*!

  17. Music-chan

    @ E_is_for_Eric But we LIKE giving Lemmo and anuerysm! ;p

    anywho, I thought the superhero picture looked like Iron Man….


    I’m quite excited to see where this goes.

  19. matt b

    i’m glad it’s a different series, If it weren’t i don’t think i’d like blankit anymore this art style doesn’t fit that story at all but i can with a month or two w\out blankit.

  20. cheetaboy7

    I was hoping for a story focused on Misty. Oh well.

  21. Clockwork

    Notice he’s the one in only part of the picture.

  22. MarshmallowRadiation

    I have only two wards for this:

    Wait, what?!

  23. Lemmo

    Hey, I thought I’d mention this somewhere. If you ever wanna chat about the comic or the stuff we do, our email is We’re always down with hearing what you guys think, or answering questions.

  24. Flo

    does that say “saver of many kittens”?

    anyway, I’m very interested in what happens next. can’t wait!

  25. Jethro Rayne

    Was wondering where in the world this came from, but then saw the title. “INT: Phenomenal etc” INT is for intermission maybe? :)

  26. Ninja

    He is neither Aric nor Pericles! He is… Aricles.

  27. Defier of Physics

    @Ninja: Also known as Walter Karik (unless that’s the name of the article writer)

    So, any guesses as to what Phenomenal’s superpowers might be? I’m thinking super-speed but hoping for the ability to run through walls.

    @Clockwork: It looks like the picture of Walter has been cropped, and part of someone else’s face is seen to the left. Any idea who that might be? A brother, perhaps? Or maybe his father or someone from the soup kitchen?

  28. E_is_for_Eric

    @Defier of Physics

    I vote it’s his arch-nemesis from when they used to be friends… before the freak accident turned them into super-power wielding people. Walter took it relatively well and became a hero and __________ took it poorly and went bat-shit insane.

  29. Bellstrom

    @Sillytwist: And that’s how Aric and Lemmo arrived on the Canvas?

  30. Mackie Stingray

    I vote he has no superpowers and is reliant on gadgets, or that his superpowers are of dubious help in escaping hoards of reporters and fans.

  31. bluesox


  32. Bill22y

    Obviously, they said that they were making a filler untill they decided to release the second generation of blank it comics. But, VEry Interesting :)

  33. Jonathon David

    So do they dream together too, or will we be getting a glimpse into their unique perspectives of the world?

  34. Shinlink

    So I was watching Spartacus: Blood and Sand and wouldn’t you guess it, they mentioned Pericles.

  35. KevNiiice

    I think that it was actually a big misunderstanding! This dapper young fellow actually happens to be a good friend of Captain Phenomenal! Just a guess though

  36. matt b

    OH, I know his power now! It’s being a phenomenal man AND running away from explosions!

  37. Omgwatwasdat

    No his powers are running from expotions and smiling 4 pictures…. Wait I can do that to omg

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  39. AllCaps

    i so dont under stand whats going one

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