INT: Rising Tide


  1. Bluesox


  2. E_is_for_Eric

    This makes me laugh because I’m awkward like this in real life and I’m not a superhero.

  3. Michael

    Just get the poor man your lawn mower!

  4. Daniel

    This series is making me laugh.
    I like it.

  5. Fire arms

    Lol now he must deal with the parents something no grown man ever wants to do once their out of the house =)

  6. cheetaboy7

    Why does the image on his phone have two people on it when his mom calls? Who is that guy in the picture, his dad?

  7. Ray

    The only thing phenomenal is that you think he’s Captain Phenomenal!

  8. matt b

    LOL amazing and by far surpassing laugh expectations!

  9. Music-chan

    @cheetaboy7 : The phone said “rents”, thus meaning parents, thus why the picture shows both parents. But with most people, it’s usually safe to assume that the person calling is indeed your mom. Mothers call more often than dads. =p

  10. MarshmallowRadiation

    My prediction:
    Walter: Mom?
    Dad: No, this is your father calling. You have some explaining to do.
    Walter: I’m not captain phenomenal!
    Dad: What?

  11. Asok

    Walter? Mom? Lawnmower? A surveillance camera? Metal Gear?

  12. JamesLite

    Oh god, Metal Gear. I hope this happens.

  13. Jaz

    I’m really liking this new series. The “lawn mower?” at the en really made me laugh. Once you two come back from your ‘vacation’, can you please make this in color? It would make it more fun and easier to look at. Thanks!!

  14. Flo

    I’m loving this series more and more! I bet his parents are calling him about him being captain and all.

  15. Riuk88

    I’m confused, but I think this is like a dream sequence or something.

  16. macksting

    @Asok: Brad! Janet! Doctor Scott! Janet! Rocky! *grunt!*

  17. some who is smarter than all of you but dumber than the docter

    The cookie robot is powered by……………………………………… MILK AND COOKIES.

  18. Renee

    I’ll bet his mom would cough up the lawn mower.

  19. Defier of Physics

    @Riuk88: I hope you’re not serious.
    @dumber than docter: *gasp!* Also, you are clearly not smarter than me, as I would not misspell the word “doctor.”
    @MarshmallowRadiation: I hope he has learned his lesson by now, but that is a definite possibility. It would make me laugh.

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