INT: Under the Stares


  1. boring7

    Ah, nothing quite like a super-relative who’s a super $&#@ (*&#$ as well. Rather like having a backhandedly-abusive football star for a brother, but more deadly.

  2. Flo

    oh, I get it now. What a huge douche. I would have made an alliance with a superhero team and then taken the guy down, but noooooooo, the guy had to prove he was still the older brother.

    or a jealous younger brother.

  3. Midoriko


    Also wow what a jerk brother! I wonder what their sibling rivalry was like. “It’s my turn with the remote!” “No, it’s mine!” “Well too bad ’cause I can beat you up and you can’t hurt me I’m invincible! Hah!”

    Wow that was so great. The twist really caught me off guard, well done.

  4. E_is_for_Eric

    And Froggy definitely called it on the previous strip. – A great twist. I wonder if The ‘stare master’ over heard the whole conversation… I guess we’ll find out some other time. Since there is an ‘End INT’ at the end of the last strip.

  5. broseph

    I find the fact that the screen in front of him says CP rather disturbing

  6. socksbot

    His brothers a giant douche I can relate

  7. Renee

    *gasp* The peeper is gonna turn him to ice! I can’t watch! >_<

  8. lilbi

    Haha. xD Am I the only one who sees the count?

  9. Ryan

    “end int.” ?

    END INT?!

  10. Jacob

    You bait us with the INT, and take it away when we are most hooked? You are truly the masters of baiting people.

    … there’s a joke in there somewhere.

  11. cheetaboy7

    Horay for defining answers!

  12. Michael M. M.

    That’s just like brothers. They’re all jerks when they need something.

  13. TheBean

    no fair cliff hanging the intermission!

  14. Gabriel

    Creeper alert!!!!

  15. Ray

    Wow. His relative is kind of a jerk. At least he’s going to try to protect him. Although I think it will be too little too late

  16. Omgwatwasdat

    Kind of a jerk? he’s probably the biggest douche in the world for freezing his brother!!!!! Seriuslly!!!!!!!! but did any body see the tiny end int at the bottom right corner? That dude is really creepy:-•

  17. Omgwatwasdat

    Well at least blank it is comin back:-/

  18. M

    Froggy was right! I was wrong about walter actually being cp… Having cp on the screen is a bit narcissistic…

  19. Music-chan

    Though this doesn’t answer the question about whether or not the two are twins.

    And do their parents know who is REALLY the super hero? In retrospec, the parents might have totally been kidding around with their non-hero son (the dad certainly seemed to be) because they know what’s going on.

    Also, Lemmo….Stare Master? Really? =p Such a bad pun.

  20. cheetaboy7

    It says “end int” in the corner? It does! Three cheers for the return of Lemmo and Aric!

    Hip Hip, Hurray!
    Hip Hip, Hurray!
    Hip Hip… Oh, the fist i ordered just arrived. Wait, wha*PUNCHED*

  21. Mr Meng

    Does anyone else notice how happy the Stare Master looks? He’s just got a huge grin on his face underneath those big baby blues. Probably because he heard the ‘secret’ plan.

  22. Jaz

    What an @$$hole. It woulda been nice to see Walter give the jerk a fist sandwich with extra fist sauce.

  23. omgwatwasdat

    Wait…. I just noticed that on the 1st panel he’s holding a cell fone but in the next 1 he has an ear piece :-3 its like on pee wees big adventure when he jumps off teh train without his bag but l8ter he’s walkin wif it…… weird.

  24. E_is_for_Eric


    It’s a soda. He’s holding a soda in his left hand, and in his right hand he’s got the earpiece.

  25. E_is_for_Eric


    Or, if you’re talking about his right hand, he’s just holding the ear piece in place? It’s a MYSTERY!

  26. Escadia

    YAY! I was right, he’s not a super. This makes it so much more interesting (not that it wasn’t already, but this is like thinking you were going to get a plain donut and getting a chocolate glazed one instead).

  27. vengerofthelight

    Very nice. I like that Terry (a.k.a. “Cpt. Douche”) is the powered one instead of poor Walter.

    Also, @socksbot: I really like your avvie, and I can’t figure out why.


    Aaaaand the twist. Well played sirs. Well played indeed. I can’t wait to see what’s gonna happen with the Stare Master – and his poor neighbor who still needs to borrow a lawnmower…

  29. Omgwatwasdat

    That’s the end….. Wat more do you people want GEEZ and Is the soda hand juice?

  30. Omgwatwasdat

    Or just a koozie :-3

  31. Omgwatwasdat

    People in dis universe r weird wen dey talk on the fone they always close der eyes ^^ lik dat.

  32. qqtt991

    end intro?!

  33. piemaster85

    oh of course THE BROTHER.

  34. Al Capone

    @ omgwatwasthat: you spelled seriously wrong. Lol

  35. E_is_for_Eric

    @Al Capone

    Of all of the spelling errors in omgwatwasdat’s posts, you chose ‘Seriously’? I don’t know if I should laugh, or be concerned.

  36. Bubble

    @E_is_for_Eric I’m pretty sure Al Capone meant seriously as in ‘seriously wrong’ not ‘seriously’ wrong.

    Gosh, I’m bad at explaining things :D
    I like the twist. I wonder whether Captain Phenomedouche will save the day, or Walter….

  37. Strae

    Stare Master looks creepy as hell, man…

  38. Omgwatwasdat

    For some reason iPod touch spell fix is really really weird

  39. Omgwatwasdat

    And you should laugh because Ima retard :-3

  40. Omgwatwasdat

    Dam cut off

  41. Bluesox

    HAHAHAHA! Soo smart….

  42. CasualOtaku

    And I should have known it would end on a cliffhanger, what superhero comic worth its weight doesn’t?

    It’ll be fun to see the old Blank It return though.

  43. Omgwatwasdat

    I wonder if when Aric and lemmo wake up will have mustaches or beards

  44. Defier of Physics

    I still think Terry is going to turn into a villain, even if he is Captain Phenomenal.

    Also, Pete is definitely going to save Walter.

  45. Froggy

    @ E_is_for_eric

    thank you. I would also like to thank my mom my dad the makers of blank it oh and of course god!!!. But yeah I kinda did call it. But I still don’t know if I’m completely right. They may not be twins. And by the sound of it Terry is definetaly not fit for the job of superhero. (can’t even save his bro) hopefully Walter will have some kinda hidden power too!! So he can turn around and obliterate the creepy staring dude.

  46. Froggy

    Just got done reading my post and just to kinda verify my post is missing a few comma. Making it seem like my mom and dad are the maker(they at not) so sorry but it read kinda wierd I just had to fix it

  47. socksbot

    I love that pun staremaster

  48. socksbot

    I think the reason people freeze when they see him is because they’re trying to figure out what exactly is this thing

  49. NoriMori

    OMG… That’s hilarious!! The Stare Master looks so funky! I want to hug him!!

  50. NoriMori


    “I love that pun staremaster”

    Lol, all it reminds me of is “stair master” from Shrek:

    Donkey: “I’ll find those stairs. I’ll whip their butt, too. Yep – those stairs won’t know WHICH way they’re goin’ with me! … I’ll take drastic steps! Kick it to the curb! Don’t mess with me, I’m the stair MASTER! I’ve MASTERED the stairs! I wish I had a step right here, right here, and I’d step all over it!”


  51. NoriMori

    Oh, and I only just realized that the Stare Master is smiling and the smile stretches to each side of his face. I thought that was his collar covering part of his face. XD

  52. hfbang

    …it looks like stare master is a master creeper!

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