1. Baron Loki

    That is quite possibly the best sentence ever.

    Also, ha ha. No firsts this time.

  2. PolleN112

    Best strip so far by far.

  3. Parrot

    This is a really good strip.
    I like it. A lot.

  4. Glew

    Okay, so the old woody _is_ kind of eroding, huh…? Okay, I know I’m the only one who cares, but hey ;p

  5. Chaos Theory

    @Baron Loki: Which one?

  6. Nexall

    Awww… barely any of the foxes this strip, you just see tiny dots in the middle of the “Floaty Thing”. the one I think he meant was Aric’s last sentence.

  7. Sir Matt

    You can see a piece of old woody falling off here; sure looks like erosion to me. So what happens when it is all gone? Would hand juice work for a whole arm?

  8. Sandy Claws

    @Sir Matt
    Maybe. It could just make him sprout a hand out of his shoulder.

  9. Sir Matt

    That would be funny to see.

  10. Raiten

    At this point, if you ripped of Fergus’ wings I am 100% convinced he would have another set more or less indefinitely.

  11. Genius Arbalist

    I just noticed the title, and, lo and behold, there was an interrobang in the comic! Awesome!

  12. NoriMori

    @Genius Arbalist, OMGosh, you’re right, there was! Totally didn’t notice! And it’s used so appropriately too…

  13. NoriMori

    Oh, also — typo? “If we’re ever going come back down”?

  14. random man

    yes, mother…

    Did the big bug just open a hatch, like an alien space ship out of its eye?

    @Nori Mori: no, just Lemmo talking

  15. Renee

    That bug is never going to land…

  16. Evan

    “…If we’re ever going come back down…”?

  17. Qqtt991

    Wooo little interrobang down there~
    I noticed the typo too. Not bad, but annoying.

  18. Dana

    I suppose in this comic, anything goes. But since when does wood erode? o_O The shrinkage of Lemmo’s arm is baffling me. But I absolutely love this comic, and have showed it to all of my friends. Love you Lemmo and Aric! =)

  19. Dana

    Afterthought: wood rots, I suppose. But it hasn’t been THAT long since he chopped off his hand, has it? I’m confusing myself!

  20. Chaos Theory

    @Dana: Well, perhaps time works differently in the BlankIt universe. Or it’s special fast-rotting wood. Either way, if that’s what’s bugging you most about this comic, then you’re probably thinking too much.

  21. Dana

    @Chaos Theory: I always think too much. But in this case, it’s probably just because I love the comic and I want to know what’s going on. =P

  22. Caitlin

    Glad I’m not the only one who noticed the interrobang. lol

  23. M

    Actually, I think he’s so used to saying ‘gonna’ that he forgot to use ‘to’.
    I’ve forgotten what he said in the other strips, but he probably did say ‘gonna’.

  24. jaz

    lemmo should know by now, nothing makes sense anymore. oh, and panel 2 looks like a mommy putting two grumpy kids in time-out xD


  25. lemmo

    Typo fixed!

  26. NoriMori

    :P @lemmo

  27. NoriMori

    @Dana, who says wood can’t erode? Everything erodes. Except maybe for really really REALLY hard substances. And wood is not that hard, at least not from the point of view of wind, debris, and friction.

  28. guywholikeshats

    lemmo’s hand seems to be growing and moving with a mind of its own, so does that mean that the little bits of eroding arm that fall of will be able to do the same? will there be hundreds of woodys crawling around?

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