1. Shardwing

    That is quite possibly one of the best names in the history of nomenclature.

  2. Pup'O Doom

    gotta love the facial expression…OH BOY!

  3. maglorius

    I love Pericles’s outfit! very colorful for a former mist guy

  4. Ray

    Well, it’s understandable he would be so colourful given such a name to be given… Still, you gotta love Aric’s OCND(Obsessive Compulsive Naming Disorder, lol. No offense of course.). So the question is now, will the townsfolk see this as a good thing or a bad thing?

  5. jill

    Hee hee! You really got that guy, Lemmo!

  6. noisyparker

    That’s shameful. :(

  7. Jackson

    My personal favorite name is Schtolteheim Reinbach III. Can’t argue that “Pericles Van Mudgett” is a great name too, though–especially with those snazzy duds. Pericles doesn’t look terribly pleased to be tangible though.

  8. George

    Hahaha! Great names!

  9. macksting

    That this is really, really cruel, and that I highly doubt the town will see it as a good thing. (I think it’s hilarious.)
    However, I do believe Lemmo has introduced them to fire, in that if they did not know they could name each other to great destruction, they certainly know now. I also think they’re stuck with a fellow traveler, in some sense, even if they go their separate ways.
    I fear the whole town may name itself in anger at the discovery of this new weapon, starting with the recently solid messing with others by spreading his strange plight.

  10. capnprophetic

    That facial expression… Such pure exuberance… You’ve done an excellent job, lads.

  11. Teru

    Lemmo’s expression…is pure awesome. He’s so excited about the prospect of naming people! x3 <3

  12. Kristina

    That is the most awesome name EVER! xD

  13. abitdark

    I’m seriously naming my next of kin, and/or pet that…

  14. Lemmo

    Okay, if someone names their pet Pericles Van Mudgett, I want proof. Pictures, whatever. Send it over.

  15. boring7

    That was incredibly rude of Lemmo, he’s essentially making taking a community of Orthodox Jews and force-feeding them bacon.

    Of course, Fergus did say, “yer thing be rudeness.”

  16. Renee87

    Pericles, distant cousin of Achilles! No relation to Hercules.

  17. macksting

    “He’s essentially making taking a community of Orthodox Jews and force-feeding them bacon.”
    It’s worse. He’s introducing a society of trees to lighters. Even if he leaves, the fire will still be there; they can try to smother it, but it’s still theirs to control.

  18. them1me1you

    i think it’s more of like forcing a capitalist to be a communist

  19. macksting

    How could this weapon not be enticing?
    Just as it’s hard to be purely capitalist without a modicum of socialism, it’s hard to be purely socialist without a modicum of capitalism. Frankly, though, I suspect both are abstractions (meaningful, but abstractions) which are overapplied in describing the real world. Platonic ideals taken as real.
    No, what you’re seeing here is the introduction of a memetic disease! Even if all knew the possibility before, it may be akin to being the first nation in a world of nuclear-armed states to fire off a nuclear weapon in anger. When we return later, whether all are solid or only some, this will be a changed land. And not many will be happy.

  20. xajek

    You have to calm down a bit.

  21. macksting

    Actually, I am calm about this, simply fascinated and a little mystified by some of the metaphors employed in this thread.

  22. My other name is also awesome.

    I just realized that all names in this comic were invented by Lemmo.

  23. Ziggy Stardust

    For fuck’s sake, Lemmo got Pericles there, along with Aric and himself, expelled from the vicinity of the shovel beam! What if they need it again?
    Well I guess the people of the hamlet won’t be much of a defense against them unless Lemmo goes on another naming spree.

  24. lemmo

    He didn’t name Terry. ;)

  25. Morgan

    Lemmo, I might be getting a kitten, and if do I will name it that. XD Promise <3

  26. stubbsgun

    I love it guys

  27. Megan

    May 5th, 2009 at 8:23 am
    Okay, if someone names their pet Pericles Van Mudgett, I want proof. Pictures, whatever. Send it over.

    I’m adopting a cat within the next year and his name will be pericles ;) I’ll send the adoption certificate :D hehe

  28. camerbob

    lemmo’s face expression is possibly the funniest thing i’ve seen in comics

  29. Flo

    hey! awesome outfit! I want that.

    and lemmo’s hat.

  30. NoriMori

    LOL. Once again, this reminds me of “The Neverending Story”. I wonder if Lemmo and Aric are unconsciously borrowing their ideas from that…? LOL,

    “Who can give the Childlike Empress
    The new name that will make her well?
    Not you, not I, no elf, no djinn,
    Can save us from the evil spell.
    For we are figures in a book —
    We do what we were invented for,
    But we can fashion nothing new
    And cannot change from what we are.
    But there’s a realm outside Fantastica,
    The Outer World is its name,
    The people who live there are rich indeed
    And not at all the same.
    Born of the Word, the children of man,
    Or humans, as they’re sometimes called,
    Have had the gift of giving names
    Ever since our worlds began…”

    Dramatic license WIN. :)

  31. switch

    Lemmo’s facial expression is priceless. I can’t get enough of it!

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