It’s About To Be Broughten


  1. NoriMori


    Also, lol at the last panel where he’s spritzing his mouth. XDD

  2. E_is_for_Eric

    Nice touch with the Spritz!

    I’m worried for Aric >_<

  3. Dauntasa

    Cracking your joints like that probably wouldn’t be good with an exoskeleton.

  4. Wilhelm

    oooo he’s about to go lord ben on his ass!

  5. Mcpoofypencil

    Ben gonna go all like “bam!” like emril and we all gonna be like “wow”

  6. Nexall

    Excellent view of lemmo’s missing arm in the last one XD

  7. Ryan

    I don’t think Aric realises that it’s about to be broughten!

  8. MarshmallowRadiation


    just joking, it’s going to be more epic than that

  9. Da Mighty Camel

    You fight like a cow!


  10. David

    He’s probably going to say the ultimate swear word an blind Aric forever!

  11. Canada

    @David: Belgium?

  12. Defier of Physics

    I’m waiting for Aric to kick Fergus into the ocean.

  13. macksting

    Can Fergus walk on the ocean? It’s not like we’ve ever had need to find out.

  14. ruinah

    I love the Ginger’s Bread banner ad at the top making reference to the parafoxes…

  15. Chaos Theory

    @macksting: It’s kind of a moot point considering he can fly.

  16. Ray

    He appears to be prepping himself with some sort of deadly mouthwash.

  17. omgwatwasdat

    Its about to go DOWN

  18. omgwatwasdat

    it being a considerable amount of THINGS

  19. Raiten

    I don’t think so. The award for the most gratuitous use of the word “Belgium,” has already been given. Also I agree that joint cracking with an exoskeleton seems like a bad idea.

  20. Physicsman

    Yawn I’m tired yawn

  21. Kramer, The Ass-Man

    Lol Lemmo is in a bit of a strange position in that last panel.

  22. Chaos Theory

    I’d just like to point out that he just challenged a but-pilot-pilot partially piloted by another bug to fisticuffs.

  23. Me:D

    I have a hunch that aric is going to knock of fergus’s head and then the butterfly comes out and I also think there is a termite at the bottom of them all

  24. Wolfox

    ah, yes – unending preparation … perhaps in the hopes that the desire to fight will simply fade?
    then again – this is Fergus.

  25. TreeJump

    @Me:D- and something even smaller inside the termite. It would be a never ending cycle.

  26. Retsof

    @ruinah: Me too! I wonder if it was planned or just a freaky coincidince?

  27. Meesto22

    So, how bad do you think he’s going to get beaten up this time?

  28. Raiten

    Meesto has a good point. Aric’s track record in fights has not been the best so far.

  29. Mcpoofypencil

    Where’s today’s comic?

  30. ruinah

    @Retsof: Apparently, Ginger’s Bread has made custom ads for some of the comics they’re advertising on that make references specific to that webcomic.

  31. NoriMori

    @Dauntasa, Lol ur probably right. XD

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