It’s Still Exercise


  1. Dan

    Ha! That’s Einstein’s relativity for you. THERE IS NO ABSOLUTE MOTION. Therefore without a reference point, there is no apparent motion.

  2. admin

    Yay for science!

  3. admin

    Why did I come up as admin? Laaame.

  4. LynxAenslade

    Hmmm I’d be pretty scared in the same situation :s

  5. Rozax

    All right.

  6. Barrington

    One of them should stay in place, and the other walk, which would give them another reference point.

  7. socksbot

    lemmo is gonna be the funniest part of this comic i can already tell

  8. NoriMori

    LOL, Barrington, that’s smart! XD

    “I can’t tell, because of all the nothing.”

    LOL, that reminded me of “The Neverending Story”. For those of you who haven’t read it, part of the book is about how Fantastica is being swallowed up by the Nothing, which is just…Nothingness. And it’s just nothing there, and when you look at it, it’s like you’re blind. It’s pretty cool. XD

  9. Me

    i thinks it just a giant tredmill

  10. Switch

    NoriMori, you scare me with all your talk of nothingness.

  11. RandomFox01

    I think I would love to spend at least a day with these two….they seem to have interesting things happen to them

  12. Random_Fox01

    by the way, did anyone else notice Lemmo’s hair grew three inches from the second to third comic?

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