Jovial Perhaps


  1. Aaron


  2. Shuryou

    Not even returning to the beginning will help me from feeling lost. Wonder what these guys’ background story is…

  3. Ray

    Why do I get the feeling the king’s legs are going to be disattachable? That or that the king will have a personality that won’t quite match his face. …The obvious one, I mean, of course.

  4. WeeGoblin

    Look at it upside down…

  5. The Darkness God

    Is that the gingerbread man? O_o

  6. macksting

    WeeGoblin: Thank you. Now I won’t sleep tonight.
    I’m noticing his legs are just like Wendall’s. (Not sure, but the Cookie King may have five fingers to Wendall’s 4. Too tired to check.)
    I’m also thinking, there doesn’t seem to be a duplicate cookie in this land. Does this imply that, when Wendall’s gone, there will be no more chocolate chip cookies in this land?
    Where’s my oatmeal raisin cookie?

    Is that cookie near the move-a-tube in the first frame a cracker? If it is, this may be a very general land of Biscuitd00ds.

  7. odinthecrab


  8. Renee

    Oh, dear. . . . WeeGoblin, why’d ya hafta point that out?

  9. djeims

    “why so serious?” The Cookie King has weird regalia. It looks like a ruby-studed bolt. And the images remind me of “The Three Golden Keys”.

  10. Jackson


  11. Wolfox

    holy hells! [upside down] it’s hard to tell if that’s a scream-face of rage or fear? either way, freaky! I’m thinking a little Multiple Personality Disorder coming our way for the King?

  12. Saul

    if you Look at it upside down… You DONT see a gingerbreadMAN, really it has boobs!!! Hahaha… The eyes of the King end up lookin like boob if you Look at it upside down… xD Now its more freaky… Sorry

  13. LarryK32

    Dammit. Now I’m hungry.

  14. Fedorov92

    This is yet another example of a strip that needs no dialogue to get its point across… whatever on Earth that point is. Bravo!

    Hmmm… it’s interesting that the King’s scepter has a screw threaded through it.. makes me think yet again that the cookie/cracker population still has something to do with the creation of this universe….

  15. noisyparker

    Good Lord… the Cookie King has a very promising appearance… Thursday seems very far away. :(

  16. Daniel

    I have a feeling that the cookie king is going to have split personalities, and when he gets in a rage or whatevs, he’ll just flip upside down into his demonic-looking gingerbread man form.


  17. Haze23

    That is the single most horrifying thing I have seen in my entire life.

  18. Lipkin

    The Cookie King is the mayor of Halloween town?

  19. Midoriko


  20. Groxx

    Oh, that’s awesome! Excellent job (if intended) on the double-face-bit, and keep up the subconscious oddities if it wasn’t intended!

  21. me

    I miss the fox of socks… at least he wasn’t that? thingy?

  22. me.vicky

    Arrrrrgh, my eyes. That is the most creepy/cute thing I have ever seen. Ever. How can the cookies stand to have a king that looks so…GOOFY? He’s like santa crossed with spongebob.
    @Lipkin: Thank you for voicing my opinion EXACTLY.

  23. Ziggy Stardust


  24. them1me1you

    personally the way he looks now is more frightening then upside down

  25. AdamZero

    what…. I….. *cries in a corner*

  26. Miesa


  27. g_rock

    Daniel: Thats the first thing I thought. When told of the blaming and name calling, the king may flip over, whereupon his legs become weird antenna or hair things and he walks upon tiny cookie legs. Or something.

  28. vengerofthelight

    That is a pretty sick image. Excellent visual work, gentlemen.

  29. Mast3rmind

    maybe the cookie king looks the way he does because he has to bottle up his emotions in order to make a good roll model for his subjects, and help them to make the proper choices in life because he didnt make the best ones as a child, and he has to lead the fight agaisnt the infidels of penguins and bugs…or maybe hes just a fuckin nutjob

  30. Chados

    Meeting the King? The King will hear of this!


    Why do I have a feeling that the 180flip will be the cookie Queen?

  32. thumbtack

    The title makes the image confusing too, I think it should probably read Jovial…… Perhaps?

  33. Teru

    To be dead honest… The king frightens me. owo;;

  34. TadBot


  35. Axel

    Wow… you know, on Monday I saw the comic and thought, “hey, there’s the cookie king. He sure does look happy – maybe it won’t turn out so badly for them after all. And wacky, what with the bits sticking out of his face, or body, or whatever it is. Yeah, those Blank It guys sure know how to make a silly comic.” (or something along those lines)

    I came back today, and saw IT. Now I am TERRIFIED.

  36. MBizzle

    The cookies are joyless, ambling around aimlessly. Poor little guys.

  37. macksting

    I dunno, I gotta say that to me it looks like most of the cookies are milling about rather mundanely rather than joyless and aimlessly, some perhaps even with purpose. One of them even appears to be engaged in animated conversation.

  38. Somsphet

    this is wrong in so many ways…yet so tasty…..

  39. Puck

    That . Is. Horrific.

    Especially to a pastry student like myself.

  40. Alucard346

    King: “Welcome gentlemen to my kingdom…” *turns upside down* …”NOW I WILL EAT YOUR SOULS!!!!”

  41. Elkian

    *hiding under the covers*

  42. Arcasius

    the king will remain the scariest thing i’ve ever seen in this comic

  43. Stig Hemmer

    The design of the king: Genius, pure genius.

  44. Mike-tastic

    I honestly don’t get why the king is so scary :s He’s not unnerving in any way to me

  45. mikagami

    holy shit I cannot stop laughing

  46. Thesis95

    Upsidown the last panel tells a story of a king discovering a ghost in his tummy…

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