Juvenile Entendre


  1. Nikk

    ……..technically a man hug…also is it me our is he steadily loosing more clothes

  2. Renee

    There’s a special place in hell for people who talk in theaters and create really bad puns.

  3. Thanatos

    maybe he is steadily getting over his massive self esteem issues

  4. NoriMori

    LOL, I love this comic! Why is it so awesome?? WHY, I ask you, WHY???

  5. Me

    .003 milliseconds from a shovel takin of Arics head

  6. BlueSox

    me too…

  7. Arcasius

    i just noticed the flaw in physics o.o, that shovel picked up speed but lemmo stayed the same and that shovel was about to “pass” Lemmo, which would mean that the shovel was going to cut through him

  8. seananners

    …u know too much……. º_º

  9. RandomFox01

    I wonder what the ground feels like there…..or if you can feel it at all?

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