1. Dave

    So which one was the Aric impostor?

  2. Sir Matt

    Love it!!!!! So human, yet so robotic.

  3. Raiten

    So they were on the ceiling after all. This problem must happen fairly often if they’ve got a lever to fix it.

  4. Kid of Death

    Hang on, I got this!

  5. Ryan

    What a lever! 8¬D

  6. Kid of Death

    Wrong lever!!!
    Why do we even have that lever?

  7. Jackson

    Wait, so now Aric is on the floor, but they’re on the ceiling? Does it still count as a “right” if you make something else in the process?

    (Also, Kid of Death: your reference wins the reference.)

  8. Jackson

    That was supposed to be “make something else wrong in the process.” Oops.

  9. Nexall

    also the little robot seemed quite happy that he could do that. maybe he was waiting for quite a while.

  10. Daniel

    A four panel Blank It comic?
    Has such a thing ever been created before?

  11. jaz


    phew. ok. I’m good. “run a debug on your specificity algorithm!” THIS IS HILARIOUS. WHY HASNT THIS COME UP IN THE COMMENTS YET? LAUGH, you bastards!

    haha, sorry, I’m a bit out of sorts BECAUSE OF THE AWESOMENESS OF THAT SENTANCE. I’m saving that in my mental “freakin’ awesome comebacks folder”. I’m just makin sure you people appreciate the last panel. :)


  12. Physicsman

    But if gravity is reversed, does it still count as the floor?


  13. Ryan

    Who said gravity was holding them on the ceiling?

    Their clothes appeared to have been hanging correctly.

  14. Arkatox

    OH, that’s the Aric robot from early on! Or at least one like it!

  15. NoriMori

    @Kid of Death, You win. I dunno what you win, but you just win.

    @jaz, Yes, it is very funny, I’m pretty sure you’re not the only one who noticed. XD I’m gonna use that on one of my friends the next time we’re in a similar situation. XD

    ‘Kay, hold on, if everything’s reversed, then…what was the point? I mean yeah, at least their clothes are hanging properly now, but now the ROBOTS are in their situation. Maybe they don’t mind as much? Meh.


    “Run a debug on your specificity algorithm.”

    BlankIt has added yet another new quote added to enhance my life. SO much love for this comic.


  17. Dagonboy6666

    I think these robots are the masters of this universe. They were obvluisy counducting some kind of expermint with Lemmo and Aric. I blevie they are they’re creators. that is why they were trying to go unoticed. they were colleting data and that’s why they disgused as them. And cince they needed them alive for the expermint they proctected them from the cookie robot. They’d better hope they contune to be usefull to the robots.

  18. Tak

    I’d imagine that the robots probably don’t care as much, since they don’t have any clothes/hair to hand down.

  19. phyrephox

    why is marina’s hair still pulling down?

  20. phyrephox

    Also what happened to Lemmo’s stump arm

  21. Piemaster

    The text was big so I was like O.o

    Hahaha. The robots are funny. I’m going to like these guys.

  22. Kid of Death

    @phyrephox: That’s the first panel. That was before the robot ‘fixed’ the problem. And Lemmo got his arm back a couple comics ago. We still haven’t found out why yet.
    @NoriMori & Jackson: Lol, thanks. xD

  23. rocklight

    Marina’s hair is interesting.. And…
    You zee, ven ver robots set oop dere gravitational fluxes, zey zet vem up to pull zer objects zo long as zey are not aboff a certain range above zemselves, verfore, marina’s hair getz pulled oop because it iz beyond zer halfway point between zer celing and zer floor, so zer gravity pullz it.
    However, vhat this is doing to her scalp is probably horrible, az zer iz two gravitational fieldz being felt right now.

  24. Arcasius

    the first comic was 4 panels o.o

  25. Da Mighty Camel

    I don’t get this comic… when the robot pulls the lever it and the other bots appear to be on the same floor… ceiling… whatever. But after the lever has been pulled Aric is on the “floor” next to the lever and the bots are falling upwards to the roof?

  26. Purely Theoretical

    So everything turns out to be more machinery? It unfortunately is the only possible explanation, as the creation of the shovel beam demonstrates.

  27. random man

    So what you’re saying is that if they jumped while they were on the ceiling, they would have been sucked into the floor’s ceiling and fallen down instead of back up where they came from? That doesn’t explain why Aric’s coat was falling to his relative up.

  28. Rhino

    You just knew this wouldn’t turn out right. The switches are set to ’13.’

  29. Arwael-Master of the Longwinded Explanation

    So… taking into count my longwinded explanation last comic, I have made my very name itself into a warning! Tremble, tremble with fear Mortals, for soon your eardrums will commit suicide… Oh. Did I say that out loud? Eheheh. Ignore that please.

    I also noticed something that disproves the earlier “Shoes = Walk on Anything theory” Marina isn’t wearing shoes.

    Thus, I say that the Lemmo AA Field theory is now slightly more credible. For the moment. After all, His clothing isn’t dangling. And I know that isn’t spandax or something.

    However, I’m not entirely sure how to explain the Robots and the paper. Switching the lever seems to have inverted the gravity… but by the idea of multiple points of gravity, they should still be in the same positions… Unless…

    O.O The robots have created discriminatory gravity…

  30. Kid of Death

    Marina is wearing shoes. She’s got some form of slippers on. Maybe flats? It’s hard to tell. You can see them in this comic.

  31. WackyWarner1827

    Awesomeness! Hey Aric and Lemmo! can you fix the app? The pictures recently are all skewed and messed up…. Keep on truckin’ !

  32. switchblademx

    I’d go with the discriminatory gravity theory. Those switches on the wall? they could control localized gravitational fields for that section of the structure. The switch could be acting as a giant e-brake for the whole system, resetting all gravitational fields to default. It would make sense for the robots to use localized gravity so they can utilize the ceiling as a workspace and maximize productivity. That theory can stretch far enough to cover any questions about their clothing and hair you have.

  33. Nexall

    I just realized something funny, whenever anyone tells me to “hold on” I always ask “to what?” no matter the situation so that’s funny to me.

  34. Arwael

    @KoD … You’re right. She is wearing shoes/slippers. Well. That changes things. I can’t say that the shoes aren’t what allow you to walk anywhere. Hmm.

  35. joss


  36. Kid of Death

    Unless the shoes have nothing to do with it. It’s really rather confusing. @~@

  37. Raiten

    Maybe the intent is be to confusing? If so, these last few comics have definitely achieved that goal, I have no idea what’s going on.

  38. Kid of Death

    @Raiten: First, I was tempted to write that as Raiden. Second, at this point, I’m starting to believe that that is their intent in this comic altogether. If not to confuse us, to get us thinking.

  39. lankhmar

    I read that wrong and assumed the robots were trying to organise and understand the universe.

    Not that that’s totally impossible, it’s just not being directly stated up there.

  40. mattb

    um… Apparently lemmo got his arm back just after he fell,misty’s hair
    is still effected be gravity while she herself is

  41. Dagonboy6666

    last comment

  42. JasonSquare15

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