Kinetic Persuasion


  1. Renee

    I love the tilt-screen. ^_^

  2. dʒəßikʌ

    *hee* I JUST moused over the image.

    “Kinetic Persuasion”

    I love it.

  3. Me


  4. BlueSox


  5. NoriMori

    Funny, I don’t seem to remember this one… XD

  6. dagonboy6666

    this is the five hurdenedth time I’v read this and only just now did I figure out what how Lemmo did that. he just stoped and then talcked him. For someone who is good at string threoy, that was pathic of me.

  7. Kid of Death

    I agree with Renee, love that tilt screen. Poor Aric, you’re about to lose your shoes. I wonder how hard you would have to hit someone in order to make their shoes fly off. Must be really hard.

  8. dagonboy6666

    technicly you have to hit someone hard eoungh to kill them to knock they’re shoes off. mythbusters tested that one so thefore they have proffen in this momeent that in blankit you cannot die.

  9. Bluudwurth

    For someone who is “good at string theory” you have some truly atrocious spelling.

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