King Without a Crown


  1. LynxAenslade

    does Lemmo suffer of a kind of hatophilia or something like that ?

  2. rodandbarry

    Barry: These two dudes are hilarious. Go back to your hat! It has feelings much like my TV does
    Rod: Our TV!

  3. Renee

    Poor hat.

  4. Robert

    The hat has been on the decline amongst men worldwide since the sixties. Truly a shame.

  5. socksbot

    rodandberry should make a web comic u r rly funny

  6. Me

    Mi Por HHAt i Mis it soooo much

  7. NoriMori


    I concur. I remember my the olden days, when I would chuckle at Lemmo and Aric, and then chuckle at rodandberry. Totally should make a webcomic. I wish I had that kind of fluid dialogue humour.

  8. RandomFox01

    watching a hat undress would be interesting…..and Lemmo has awesome facial features, ‘specially the epic one in the last panel

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