Lagomorphs and Testudines


  1. macksting

    Lem’s a fast walker and Aric’s out of shape?
    Just a guess.

  2. Ray

    Poor Aric. Can’t even keep up with his friend when he’s running. No offense to the REAL Aric, of course.

  3. capnprophetic

    I love how Lemmo silently espouses the benefits of walking in comparison to running. Fatigue, for example. Yay not-tired!

  4. them1me1you

    Aric, I suggest a light jog. . .

  5. Lady K

    lemmo is Jesus

  6. Jackson

    Come on, you guys. You’re totally just putting off drawing the shovel beam town! ;)

  7. aric

    I’m not putting off drawing anything. You can talk to Lem about that.

  8. Lemmo

    Just for that, I’m not drawing it in the next one, either.

  9. Ziggy Stardust

    But how will we ever uncover the mystery?! Not to be ungrateful, I’m up for reading pages and pages of Aric trying to apply logic to things that have none.
    @Lady K- But Lemmy is God! Which, I guess, makes Lemmo Jesus?

  10. macksting

    Given how many characters Hot Soup has created, I think Brahmin might be a better starting point. :)

  11. them1me1you

    i think Aric is a smoker

  12. macksting

    He must be niccing hard now.

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