Leave Them Kids Alone


  1. E_is_for_Eric

    Excellent. Absolutely excellent. I love your plot-hooks. I love the whole damn comic, but your plot hooks pierce my soul.

  2. Fire arms

    Every Eskimo has his day…. Anyone get my meaning? Cause I don’t when I read this part of the strip that phrase just kinda came to me… Maybe I’m just crazy? Meh who really cares. Btw very funny =)

    Btw very funny =)

    Very funny btw =)

  3. Michael

    Oh, they’re gonna get it now.

  4. Fire arms

    Uh ignore the multiple very funny comments in my comment I had a typing issue and the thing dissapeared everytime I typed in the comment so I typed it again then lol

  5. Dominic

    What’s the bet that Lemmo is not in fact attent at all, however his eyes in the third panel are very disconcerting.

  6. cheetaboy7

    Im getting the feeling this is going to be a “Ignore the man behind the curtain” moments. Or men, considering it said we.

  7. Kafloobop

    Now they’re not just trapped in a mysterious box with a mysterious voice, now it’s a mysterious voice with an attitude.

  8. Jaz

    damn, why can’t all mysterious voices coming from the sky (or top of a wooden box) be this funny? like, instead of “cleanup in aisle 3” it could say “hey you, ya you, in the orange shirt! I saw what you did there. now get your skinny butt ova there and pick up those cans!” that, combined with my idea of tackling being perfectly acceptable at any time, the would would be AWESOME! -jaz out

  9. Jaz

    sorry, I didn’t mean “would would” I meant “world would”


    I like this voice. Interesting to know it’s a “We” though, SUPER intrigued to see what follows.

  11. Gabriel

    Possibly the penguins? Haven’t seen them in awhile.

  12. Anony

    yeah, it sounds like the penguins, at least it sounds like them more than anybody else

  13. Orinj1

    Oh boy, the cookies have a megaphone. Lifetime of carrying!

  14. Renee

    Do I sense a hint of Monty Python?

  15. Evan

    Very monty-esque indeed! I like the non-existent word “attent.”

  16. Ray

    How likeably monty-python-esque. My only complaint is that it delays the plot. But then again, who really cares about the plot??

  17. Karlito Grande


  18. Hackey

    @Evan: http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/attent

  19. Mel

    I think I just might use that slogan from now on – “Are you attent?” :) love this strip. I’m sort of hoping for penguins but I’d love to see something new thrown into the mix. The boys are looking rather tiny in this panel perhaps we have something big coming?

  20. Stig Hemmer

    Few hours ago, or a lifetime, I found this comic. I have now read through the archives. My mind… my mind will never be the same.

  21. Mr.Biggelsworth

    To you guys with Monty python I’m waiting for the cows chickens ducks and other types of comical items to be flying out of a castle and hitting them and lemmo have you ever thought of being in the one and only

  22. Defier of Physics

    Aric does look rather angry in panel three. He also vaguely reminds me of beaker from The Muppet Show.

    I think I would find talking to the ceiling to be quite annoying.

    I hope nothing bad happens to Aric and Lemmo. The voices in the sky claim to be really serious about making prisoners pay attention.

  23. The Duke of Gravity

    Well the voice seems to be a jerk…

    Yup, definately Vegetables.

  24. cheetaboy7

    It cant be vegetables! Vegetables are nice, and sing songs!

    Haven’t you seen Making Fiends or Vegitales?

  25. Tony

    I bet its the bugs. Fergus and Terry were kind of being @$$es.

  26. NoriMori

    Is the title a Pink Floyd reference? XD

  27. The Duke of Gravity


    That’s exactly what they want you to think.

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