Left or Right, Either Or


  1. macksting

    I wanna see biggifying feet.

  2. TheBananaFish

    Does Aric’s coat have some sort of hair controlling powers? He should let Lemmo borrow it so he can get those spikes under control.

  3. Ohmsford

    Is it just me or does Aric look like he’s got boobs in the second panel? Maybe his coat has more than just hair controlling panels… :-\

  4. Ohmsford

    powers even

  5. Flakes

    It’s his arm, which is a nice touch to the art

  6. Al Capone

    Wohooo!! #6!!! ud think there would be some kind of guard there. Fail.

  7. djeims

    You know what they say about people with biggified feet… they walk like ducks! That would make escape much more difficult.

  8. Spidge

    ‘A bit of a letdown’ – not to me, that bit made my day for some reason (and at 10:30 on a monday, that’s no mean feat).

  9. Midoriko

    I second that Spidge! (except here it’s 9:00 in the morning)

    Also, I agree that I would kind of like to see a biggified foot.

  10. me.vicky

    I’m still intregway’d by the idea of our two heroes in cookie suits…

  11. Ray

    Personally, as interesting as biggified ANYTHING would be, I’m just too worried about how Aric & Lemmo would return to normal. Also, lol, hair-controlling coat.

  12. Renee

    I love hair! Sometimes it truly does seem that our hair has a life of its own. Speaking of which, I still need to get mine hacked off.

  13. Thanatos

    Actually I think his hair is partly controlled by his mind. His roots have tapped into his brain. When he adjusted his coat, he subconsciously had a desire to clean himself up. So his hair obliged.

  14. Ziggy Stardust

    Man, I want hair that does that. I could have a new look everyday!
    Please sell some robotic hair in the store!

  15. wily willy

    My theory is that once Aric was out of contact with Lemmo, he lost part of his humanity and became more savage-looking. Hence the hair, jacket-belt, and general dishevelment. Now that he’s back with his compatriot, his outward appearance reverts to reflect his inner peace.

  16. Al Capone

    The move a tube door is fixed! From when the biggified bug blade ripped through it! Cookie maitenance is realy good in the castle. L O freakin L!

  17. Al Capone

    I wonder why the castle doent fall through the ground? Maybe the ground is thicker in some place.

  18. liamgibbs

    Holy shanoly, I just discovered I can leave comments on this thing. How under-a-rock was I…. :/

  19. Jevning

    @Al Capone: I find it interesting that you assume there is only one move-a-tube in the whole castle.

  20. nanojath

    Context – Lemmo gifted Aric robot hair as a peace offering after their somewhat disastrous self-destructing-bug-carcass-jet escape from the fake mountain.


    (Aric having lost his original hair when Lemmo burned off off his extraneous hand-juice generated head-hand in the shovel beam)


    Lot of work left to be done on that wiki page.

  21. Yogurt?

    I bet the building they walked out of is a tower so tall that it touches the sky.

  22. Daniel

    Hm, the sky isn’t that big. Only a few thousand feet, judging from the height of the Shovel Beam.

    Also: I like how Aric’s hair shrinks to get smaller. Perhaps it grows farther in his head? Perhaps the surplus matter gets rid of itself, somehow? Although, according to Wendall, that’s impossible.
    Oh well.

  23. Jestor

    Interesting theories….. Very interesting…..

  24. Jestor

    Thought I had to change my name as well…. Sorry to use the space here…. Keep up the great work…. I can hardly wait for Mondays and Thursdays……. ;)

  25. Al Capone

    @jevning. For one, they say THE move a yube, and that is the one they went in there in.

  26. KittenyKat

    I hope they make their way back to Misty & Co. Or at least just Misty! :3

  27. Daniel

    @Al Capone: That doesn’t hold water, my friend. I say “Use the elevator” when referring to an elevator, even if there are two or more side-by-side. I haven’t heard anyone say “Use an elevator” when in this situation, so I ASSUME that’s common speech. Besides, its pointless to argue about as the comic doesn’t show proof that there is only one or that there are multiple Move-A-Tubes.

  28. Jevning

    @Al Capone: I didn’t see a move a tube in the king’s throne room. I only saw the hatch in the floor that the cookie soldiers came out of. So whether Lemmo and Aric were escorted down the hatch or across the court yard to the original move-a-tube is up for discussion. Plus, you brought up a good point before, could the gash on the move-a-tube door really have been fixed so fast?

  29. Wolfox

    ah! the sweet “shwip” of automatic retracting hair extension…
    and styling, too? niiiice.

  30. seananners


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