1. Math_Mage

    Reminds me of Calvin & Hobbes.

  2. Azrael

    I’m loving this comic. Someone had a rant about it a few pages back, but this is the rant explained every reason why I love reading this! :D

  3. Parrot

    I liked the head-hand.

  4. NoriMori

    Lol, I wonder if Aric’s real hair has grown back underneath his robotic hair? I keep forgetting about that. Or perhaps the robotic hair has sort of “transformed” into real hair? Hmm…

  5. Zanoushe

    Drink some Hand Juice!

  6. Renee

    Lemmocentricity could solve global issues.

  7. macksting

    Zanoushe: What if it tried to grow the hand where the arm used to be, displacing the wood in a tumourous fashion?

  8. cheetaboy7

    Does the background change color from panel to panel? I looks like it has a hint of green, then white, blue, and purple.

  9. NoriMori


    Lol, that question is a blast from the past… That was asked and answered WAYYYY back. Not that I expect you to go back and find it yourself. XD I believe Lemmo and Aric said that they do that because they feel like it, and that it doesn’t mean anything. If I remember correctly. Which I tend not to do. O.o

  10. Lipkin

    “I once met a man with wooden legs and real feet.”

    This is what I feel would occur should Lemmo drink Hand Juice.

  11. NoriMori

    I just compared this comic to the first few comics… The art style is even more different than I thought, and Lemmo’s hair is WAYYY longer now! O.o Also, I think he’s not as filled out around the middle as he was before. In the second comic, when he undresses to just his boxers, he’s a bit chunkier than Aric. And now Aric is a bit more filled out, cuz at first he was a stick. XD

  12. Ray

    Ah, selfishness. I love it. That said, doesn’t Lemmo’s argument seem a little…. hollow?

  13. PolleN112

    Lemmo and Aric have definitely switched attitudes. But at least Aric is still on the losing end.

  14. Piemaster

    Yay, another comic where you can generally put any conversation in the speech bubbles without changing the picture!

  15. Defier of Physics

    @Piemaster: I think Aric’s pose in panel 3 would be a bit odd if you replaced it with something unrelated to a head-hand. On the other hand, he would be making a commentary about turkeys. . . now I’m hungry thinking about delicious Thanksgiving dinners.

  16. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    “I once met a man with wooden legs and real feet.”
    This is what I feel would occur should Lemmo drink Hand Juice.

    Lemmo would grow wooden legs and real feet if he drank Hand Juice?!?!
    ^^^^ that was my first thought, then I realized you were using it as an example….. welcome to my world……

  17. wonderboy

    it IS hollow

  18. AllCaps

    i too liked that head hand

  19. August

    I would like to think that if I were in Aric’s position, that my reaction would be ” Fine? You’re missing a hand! How are you going to manipulate objects in this constantly surprising environment, with no time to adapt to this physical change?”.

    Also, giving Aric a temporary ‘Southern Belle’ accent for that particular sentence, makes it even greater.

  20. Fabrael

    I think the point Aric’s missing in the second panel is what people? So far the only other humans they’ve seen are the Unsettlers, who are missing a tad more than hands.

    Also, long time reader, first time commenting! Keep up the great work guys!

  21. Zanoushe

    @macksting: Hopefully that wouldn’t happen.

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