1. Midoriko

    Aww :(

  2. runedeadthA

    Lemmo: Clearly a master of tactics and an all round genius. I believe we must all bow down to his grea- Bwhahaha I’m just kidding, he is cool though :D

  3. E_is_for_Eric

    I have a feeling Lemmo will reach back and pull him through also.

  4. Musicluvr

    I’m going to say “”Eeps!” every time I’m surprised.

  5. cheetaboy7

    Surprise hug! The hug you didn’t know you wanted!

  6. NoriMori

    Lol! “PLAN!”
    That was very win. That was a very good “Eureka!” moment.
    Awww, poor Aric…

  7. Dasaki

    alone yet again, when will Aric get into the thick of things like Lemmo has. Lemmo’s obviously on top of everything.

  8. theBean

    So…was that actually part of his plan or did it just happen? I mean…he never said that he was going to do that to get Parasox to come back and then sneak with them through whatever rift they jumped…And really, the whole time he’s been kind of living in the moment, so I tend to think he came up with a new plan at that moment and just never told Aric. Perhaps because it would have ruined his plan?

  9. NoriMori

    @theBean… You may be overthinking this. XD I think he was kind of waiting for a plan to appear to him, and so when an opportunity for a plan presented itself, he jumped on it. XD …Literally!

  10. Brose Cuervo

    Lemmo is just a tactical genius! He knew that the socks would be visiting soon and that they could take him with them. Now if only he had given him a mouth hug!

  11. Parrot

    Awwww, Aric is lonely! ToT


    He managed a pretty good grip with only one hand. I’m wondering if Lemmo will poke through and yank him in to… wherever he is now…

  13. Chaos Theory

    I think he’s just making things up as they go along.
    Also, considering the reference made in the title, the Parasox have been traveling via tesseract.

  14. Defier of Physics

    Awww, be careful Lemmo! Don’t squish the cute little fox! I love the facial expressions in panel 2. You guys did a great job conveying Lemmo’s compulsiveness. Well done!

  15. PyroForge

    This is exactly how I would react.

  16. Renee

    I was wondering why they didn’t do that sooner.

  17. Glo

    Maybe they spent so much time arguing about planny-ness that he couldn’t tell Aric his plan before it happened!

  18. Flo

    aaaaaaaaaw, sad, lonely Aric.

  19. Ray

    Time to catch & interrogate the Sox Fox?

  20. Daniel

    I love the title guys :D
    Funny and awesome, that’s how Lemmo does things, am I right?


    How did I not notice the Tesseract reference before!?!?

  22. MarshmallowRadiation

    Lol Lemmo thinks he’s planning when he’s really just improvising as usual. Anyway, Aric and Lemmo separation count 3.


    Click “first comic”… it looks like it could be the next… same setting… sorta…

  24. Jethro Rayne

    My bad day turned a little better. “PLAN!” = awesome.

  25. Raiten

    I’ve read Tesseract… I wasn’t all that impressed, but the reference here is appropriate. I hope that’s less pretentious then it’s reading to me.

  26. 4chumblr

    Foxes the new way of Urgent Escaping
    1. Lay your face to the ground
    2. Fox appears in less than 2 secs
    3. Yell the location of where to go while you grab the fox
    4. Your Done you have successfully fox-warped!

  27. tictac

    i guess now, thar aric is finally alone, he will get back to his original plan and strip down to his underwear again.

  28. NoriMori

    @4chumblr, so they have gone to “PLAN”? Where is that? XD


    “He managed a pretty good grip with only one hand.”

    Oh, I totally forgot that he only has one hand! You’re right, that’s pretty win.

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