Like Yanking a Chain


  1. Raiten

    Oh, she’s going to fit RIGHT in.

  2. Piemaster

    Hurray it’s up!

    Lol, Aric thinking her name was Daisy. Whatta fool. Lemmo’s naming skills are much better than “Daisy”

  3. MarshmallowRadiation

    She really enjoys having a name, doesn’t she?

    By the way, is her character based on someone real too, or is she completely fictional?

  4. Nexall

    … still wondering why Aric doesn’t pull himself through
    is it just for comedy’s sake or is there some reason why he can’t
    like maybe if he grabs the door frame the flotation increases 20 fold or the robot puppet hand is causing a feedback to his brain taking away his common sense… hey it could happen.

  5. Sir Matt

    This is not the first time Aric has had trouble with names. Exhibit A: the first encounter with the shovel beam. Aric could not remember if he had ever known Lemmo’s name. BlankIt is full of odd randomness, but has a wonderful continuity about it as well.

    Marina is shaping up to be a fine addition to the group. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

  6. PolleN112

    Yep, looks like i was horribly wrong, Marina’s def a part of the team.

  7. Clint

    I love the fact that he named her after the deli at University and Lowry.

  8. Lemmo

    @MarshmallowRadiation – Marina’s name is a combination of letters from the names of our wives. Trufax!

  9. David Ahia

    I find it insteresting that they can wake up on a plane of existence without names themselves, but still with the concept of names and the abbility to name. Though, before this, Lemmo was the only one capable of name calling. Aric Puppet (Puppert Aric? Aric Hand? Handi-Aric?) has shown that, by misremembering Marina’s name, he is also capable of naming. Intriguing. Also, Handi-Aric is the funniest addition to Blank It since Fergus (I miss that guy :()

  10. NoriMori


    Oooh what’re your wives’ names? Tellustellustellustellus!! :D

    (Okay, re-reading that just made me think: “Telus: The future is friendly”)

  11. dagonboy6666

    My cat’s name is Daisy. some people joke about how much she loves me.

  12. dagonboy6666

    If that was me with that puppet hand I would already have my head on a steak

  13. Ray

    My my. Marina certainly interpreted that instruction interestingly.

  14. Chaos G'rothnir

    Interesting. Is there going to be…leg juice!?(just in case Marina does pull Aric’s leg off. And Marina looks frustrated in the last two panels.

  15. jaz

    I like marina now!


  16. Chaos G'rothnir


  17. good guy 4

    lol, that comic on that link is funny. not as good as this comic, but funny.

  18. switchblademx

    Face it. Marina was already a part of the group just after the second penguin jet crashed. And the brain feedback theory is possible too. Dang it, the only time i have to comment on these is just before i leave for work and shortly after I return, so i’m always tired and can’t respond intelligently! RRRAAAAAAWWWWRRRR!!!! ah-hem. Anyways, not to pry or anything, but would it be fair to say that since marina (MISTY FOREVER!) is a combination of Lemmo and Aric’s wive’s names, that she is also a combination of their personalities? crap! gotta go to work now. bye!

  19. wolf from hell

    @good guy 5
    your an asshole for posting that link

    @good guy 4
    that is funny how?

  20. switchblademx

    Wow. I just saw that link. What the (insert all known expletives) is wrong with you. That is not even funny. It’s sick. If you posted that for the attention, you got it, but you have forever tarnished yourself in the eyes of all you meet. Furthermore, how could you post that link on the site of another comic, without regard to the authors? That’s just insulting. If I were them, which you should be glad i’m not, I would ban you from my site. I’d prefer to show you in person the level of my distaste for you, but the decisions you make for the rest of your life will lead you to a dark and lonely place far worse than anything I could say or do. I would go on, but i’ve wasted enough of my energy on you already.

  21. Noam

    Some blogger has introudced that comic to me,
    and I’ve been reading it all night,
    started at 00:30(12:30am) and right now it’s 4:30(4:30am)
    I love that comics! Pretty awesome, epic and funny
    The plot is insane, love it.
    I guess I’ll go to sleep now..

  22. Arwael

    Well the link to whatever site has been removed.

    Onwards to more relevant topics. Just how much trouble is the Robo-Hand going to get Aeric into?

  23. Mordymion

    Am I the only one who imagines the puppet with a British accent?

  24. David Ahia

    @Mordymion: Now that you mention it, I totally do.

  25. Arwael

    Well, you aren’t anymore… I’m never going to get that out of my head.

  26. seannaners

    What about fergus and the pair-a-sox?

  27. Choc

    I just realized now that Lemmo went from only having one arm and a wooden stump to having both arms. What happened to the wooden stump?

  28. random man


    Read may 17th’s “Handy Catchfrase” and onward. He’s had it since then. If you read the comments on that comic as well, you will find that other people have noticed, too.

  29. NoriMori


    I don’t hear that. I mean, I *can*, if I put in effort, but I don’t automatically hear it that way. *shrug*


    In addition to random man’s answer, it’s worth noting that the return of his arm is 100% intentional, i.e. not a mistake. (Lemmo says so in the comment thread of the strip random man referred to.)

  30. Dagonboy6666

    last comment

  31. david ahia

    Last comment.

  32. JasonSquare15

    I have the last comment

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