Louder Makes It More True


  1. maglorius

    Wow, he’s right

  2. Ziggy Stardust

    I never saw much in ’em, but if he says so…
    *Dons hoodie*

  3. maglorius

    about the hoodies being comfy, I mean.

  4. Midoriko

    That was AWESOME.

    I wish I could make lightning just appear like that. Maybe his hoodie stores enough static electricity to be able to generate lightning bolts whenever they’re needed. And… shoot them from other points of the panel. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. It’s still awesome.

    I especially like how his glasses shine with righteous hoodie pride.

  5. Midoriko

    I also like how much sillier his pose looks from a normal angle rather than from above.

  6. Arantor

    Cute that Aric’s fox jumped over to Lemmo before the lightning.

  7. Renee

    I wear my college hoodie all the time. It’s okay, because I’m still in college.

    @Arantor: I think he sensed imminent danger.

  8. Megan

    @the real Aric and Lem– I love your mad skillz, yo ;D the foxes are mighty.

  9. Daniel

    @Renee and Arantor: It seems like Lemmo beckoned to the little guy as he realized what Aric was about to do, e.g. the fox jumped to Lemmo towards the end of Lemmo and Aric’s little conversation there.

    Not a sixth sense, rather, just obeying “dat cool guy and goin’ see mah brudder”.

  10. me.vicky

    am I the only one who read it as “hoddies”, or am I just crazy?

  11. me.vicky

    also, if Lefty (I definitely think he’s the left parasox) had remained on Aric’s shoulders, panel two would have officially been the most epic picture in the history of EVER.

    Just sayin’…

  12. vengerofthelight

    Panel 2 = Epic Win.
    Thank you, gentlemen.

  13. Physicsman

    It is true. He who speaks the loudest is always right.

  14. Fedorov92

    Best thing since the existentialism panel!!!

  15. Chados

    I’ll agree with Aric, but is it because he’s president of the universe, or because it’s true?

  16. Ray

    Wait a second, who is he referring to as “Mr. President” in the 3rd panel? I thought Aric already WAS president of the universe.

  17. Jevning

    @Ray: I think Aric was correcting Lemmo and giving him an example of how to correctly address him. Aric is no longer just Aric, he is “Mr. President!”

  18. maglorius

    I agree with “me.vicky” if the cute fox had stayed in the panel, it ‘would have officially been the most epic picture in the history of EVER.’ EVER! In fact, it would be my desktop wallpaper right now.

  19. Ashton Melancon

    So does this mean that there will eventually be BlankIt hoodies? cause i need a new one.

  20. Andrew

    Why does he still have his hand? Wouldn’t the cut off part of his hand grow into a new him?

  21. TheBananaFish

    @Andrew – It was very quick, and easy to miss, but when he first loses his hand he gets a drink of hand juice.

    Not to play the devil’s advocate, but I prefer jackets to hoodies.

  22. Physicsman

    @TheBananaFish: You’re dissing the hoodies? The president will hear of this!

  23. socksbot

    this might be the most confident Aric has ever been it must be true

  24. socksbot

    @physicsman wouldn’t our previous conversations basically place lemmo as god of this universe because Aric seems to be the only one who feels pain and the only one that can’t walk on purple goo

  25. Da Mighty Camel

    “If a man… yells loud enough… he can do… anything!!”

  26. Daniel

    I just realized how epic the hand is in panel 2. Just look at the shading….
    …LOOK AT IT!

  27. camerbob

    I agree with Aric, with the exception of a good kilt.

  28. Physicsman

    @socksbot: u would think so but my theroy about their role is that they r both “gods” of the universe (I explain it in more detail in the forum under the comic then under theroys about the universe) Aric has a similar role to Lemmo it’s just that Aric’s powers r more subtle. They r practicly opposite to eachother and it’s that opposite that (when put together) is the driving force to everything in the Blank it universe.

  29. Physicsman

    @Daniel: I looked at it… And I am IMPRESSED!!!!!

  30. 2-cBÄM

    i didn’t like the whole cookie thing. But now its gettin pure awsome

  31. bluesox

    SOX R SOOO CUTE!!!! I want one! or twooo… Yay!! Aric if ur president U have to keep Lemmo as vice president ok?

  32. Ziggy Stardust

    I was wearing flannel pants the other day and I was like ‘Damn these are comfortable’ and then I was like HERESY and I had to commit seppuku to retain my honor.

  33. DefierOfPhysics

    1) Suicide is bad. Don’t do it!
    2) The hand, glasses, and entirety of panel 2 is epic! It is even better than the existentialism panel at the beginning.
    With a phrase almost as awesome as “… cut through your optic nerve with my molars and bury my pants in your eye sockets.”
    3) I’m trying to picture what would happen if Sinister was still on Aric’s shoulder. I can just picture the fox cowering on Aric’s right shoulder.

  34. Dr. Sakuya, PhD

    I officially need a 1280×1024 picture of the second panel and a hoodie that opens in the front.

  35. Im Bob. Hi.

    lol! The lightnings uh….really dramatic….lol!

    oh and btw Dr. Sakuya, PhD you got that from flipnote hatena on your DSi lol! Ive seen it. :-)

  36. Blankitharter

    best. pose. ever.

  37. Gordy

    This is so god damn true! Nothing is more comfortable, seriously.

    I checked.

  38. Guyperson

    Thats so true its almost not even funny. Almost.

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