Love Bite


  1. Parrot

    The bees were helping! That’s soooo cute!
    Too bad about the mouth-hug thing though. D:

  2. Kignak

    I am totally going to use mouth hug instead of bite from now on. I’ve never noticed how creepily white the socks’s eyes’s were.

  3. Ray

    So it seems when an insect dies it becomes confetti. Also, “We’re looking for you!”. Did you mean to type “We were looking for you!”? Shame about the bee’s confettification; We might’ve gotten some exposition had it not been for that.

  4. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    Poor Aric got a fox butt on his face. 
    Also, i think, and this is probably just me, but I think that the soxes have gained a wider and better vocabulary than the last time we saw them.

  5. GodOfAwesome

    Damn foxes. They ruin everything. Maps, hats, and bees. Speakin of maps, you guys remember when they found it? They noticed something strange, right? Could it have been the forest?

  6. Godnroc

    Insects seem to be really fragile, even if they have a battle axe appendage

  7. MultiversalInk

    I wonder if the bees are related to the bugs from earlier. They certainly seem to break as easily.

  8. NoriMori

    Lol, this is at least the second time something important had to be said and it got ruined. The first time, the fox had something important to say, but he got chopped in half. And now the parasox turned the bee into confetti! Darn foxes!

    I didn’t understand the mouth-hug part at first, though. I didn’t understand that one of the parasox had tried to bite the axe, and that he had therefore turned into confetti. I was like, “Wait, what? Why are we talking about mouth hugs? Where’s the bee? What’s with the confetti?” I had to read the comments to figure it out… I think that’s the first time I’ve had trouble understanding (visually) what’s going on in your drawings… XD


    “I am totally going to use mouth hug instead of bite from now on.”

    I have a friend who likes to bite people. Once I show her this, I can guarantee you she will start calling them mouth hugs! She will think that’s the most awesome thing ever!

    “I’ve never noticed how creepily white the socks’s eyes’s were.”

    I think that’s due to the change in drawing style.

  9. Thebrum

    hang on. if the bees are good guys then why’d they destroy lemmos pet? and they sure werent much help in the cyclone.

  10. macksting

    I’m inclined to think the confetti settles any question about the allegiance of the bees. I’m pretty sure they’re on the same side as the Matryoshka Bugs.

  11. PolleN112

    @Whyistheskygreen?!, yes they do seem more articulate. They look bigger too. I wonder what Aric and Lemmo need to do…

  12. Jethro Rayne

    Here they go down the next part of the trousers of time….

  13. Rentok

    At least Aric managed to keep his pants on during the storm.

  14. Rentok

    Oh yeah. Also: ANybody else notice the bee seemed to be telling them they needed to do something? Or NOT do something? Or… they needed to- POP.

  15. Default117

    It seems the para-sox have enabled the Birthday Party skull.

  16. cheetaboy7

    I thought it was Lemmo talking at first.

    @Default117 – LOL


    The Bee was trying to relay a message!! Just replace the Z sets with a relevant vowel.

    “Aric! Lemmo! You need to…” *POP*


    I’m betting that the Parasox don’t remember, if in fact that’s WHY they were looking for Aric & Lemmo. If they did know, it’s probably passed from their current focus, because they’ve been distracted by the fact that their compliment coincided with the Bee’s confetti explosion, thus concluding that the two things were directly related, and are getting all droopy-eared over it.

  18. Renee

    Awe…it made the foxes sad…

  19. Spencey

    Love it!

  20. Minando

    “Mouth Hug”…WTF ?! I KNEW it ! Furry porn, here we come…

  21. cheetaboy7

  22. Sugur

    This is twice now the Parasox have stopped Aric and Lemmo from finding out important info from the other canvas inhabitants. Maybe they’re doing it on purpose. The innocence is a lie!

  23. Biligum

    The darker one always seems to be the one that causes destruction… Hm.

    Also, the Parasoxes’ cuteness continually makes my brain explode.


  24. cheetaboy7

    Furry porn? Really?

  25. MarshmallowRadiation

    Why does everyone get interrupted or killed before they say anything about danger? The original sock, the voice inthe wood box, and now the buzzkill.

    @thebrum: Because 1: it was slowly turning Lemmo into wood
    2: it was the only thing attaching Aric and Lemmo to the forest
    3: it probably couldn’t leave the forest for one reason or another.

  26. KB


    i totally appreciate your halo reference. it made me laugh pretty hard.

  27. OrangesAreAwesome

    I remember when the fox then foxes were created ^.^ wait, does Aric have socks now? or did he have none ever since the creation of socks-fox (then foxes,etc)? -.- i’m confusing myself kinda… -.- well, hope I didn’t confuse you ^.~

  28. OrangesAreAwesome

    it’s funny cause at first it looks like the fox’s paws are Aric’s eyes XD

  29. OrangesAreAwesome

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  30. OrangesAreAwesome

    and @NoriMori
    that was a mouthful XD

  31. Why Is The Sky Green?!

    I just noticed how angry Aric looks in the last panel. 
    And, who is talking in the last panel? I mean, it probably is the fox since Lemmo probably doesn’t know what mouth hugs are till now, but it sorta looks like it could be Lemmo saying it.

  32. Parrot

    Wait, what was the Bee going to tell them?
    Did Socks mouth-hug it so he couldn’t finish the message?
    Is Lemmo looking at the confetti in the last panel or some fresh horror?

  33. Glo

    Aric, Lemmo! You need to… OR

    You peed, so…

    Sou teed, do… ?

    I am not convinced that they need to do anything! LOL :P

  34. Default117

    @cheetaboy7 and KB I’m glad someone got it :P

  35. Defier of Physics

    I hope there is another bug inside that bee so the foxes didn’t just kill such an awesome character. However, since such a servival would further something similar to a plot, I doubt this is true. :,(

  36. Physics Master

    Since the words “cute”, “Adorable”, and “Super Kawaii” are incapable of describing the term “Mouth Hug” I have taken it upon myself to invent a new word to describe its essence, however if others feel that they can invent a word that captures its essence better, feel free to pitch in.

    My word is:

    Kawaiigamesh (ka-WAI-ga-mesh)Adj. slang. 1. A caracteristic describing something etremely cute
    2. Something so cute that it melts the brain.
    Etymology- The base “Kawaii” shows a description of cuteness, the suffix “gamesh” is taken from the word “Gilgamesh” which is the name of an ancient, possibly mythological, Sumarian King whom has an epic tale in his honor. Plus the name itself sounds epic. The word denotes something that is “Epically Cute”

  37. Defier of Physics

    @PhysicsMan (or Physics Master, or whatever you’re calling yourself these days): I like the word “Kawaiigamesh”. It is so epically awesome! However, since this application of a “mouth hug” turned out to be an act of deadly violence (since the bees are easily ruptured), I would not consider this a proper application of Kawaiigamesh.

  38. Defier of Physics

    *This* might be a better example of kawaiigamesh:×6.jpg

  39. Defier of Physics

    or this:

  40. Physics Master

    @Defier of Physics: Those are defininty kawaiigamesh

    P.S I was saying that kawaiigamesh applies only to the term and the foxes expressions, not the strip as a whole. But i suppose you are right, since the bee did die, may he (She?) rest in peace.

  41. MultiversalInk

    I’m going to add “kawaiigamesh” to my regular vocabulary now.

  42. Escadia

    What both cracks me up the most and get’s the biggest awwww, is that not only does dark fox (is he Para or Sox?) look sad, but he has a mouth full of confetti.

  43. Shaelyn

    it only just now dawned on me that Para and Sox have different-colored tails. that’s a WAY easier way to tell them apart than the shade of their fur XD

  44. NoriMori

    True to my prediction, my friend and I have started calling bites “mouth hugs”. :) We find it to be mucho fun.

  45. Yumie


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